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Monday, May 23, 2022

Naagin 2 season finale, 25th June 2017 full episode written update: Yamini and Shesha are killed by Ardhanareshwar

Naagin 2 season finale, 25th June 2017 full episode written update: Rocky( Karanvir Vohra) kills Shivangi ( Mouni Roy) at the end of everything and Rithvik tells him only he could have killed her and brought an end to Naagin as she was the biggest of powers in Sheshvansh.

Written by Shreya Mudgal | New Delhi |
June 26, 2017 9:11:34 pm
Naagin, Naagin TV summary, Naagin summary, naagin , mouni roy Naagin 2 season finale, 25th June 2017 full episode written update: Shivangi puts Shesha down by fire as a sword cuts her through and her blood spills the ground.

The episode starts with Shivangi taking the form of Shankama and they all arriving at the mandap for Shesha and Rocky’s marriage. As the wedding rituals begin Romil and Aliya cut down the chandelier which falls on Shesha. But Rocky saves Shesha and Shankama/Shivangi asks Shesha to go to the cave in jungle to get married. Yamini doubts Rocky’s intentions, as Shesha arrives at the cave with Rocky, Shivangi comes there and tells Shesha the truth about Rocky being with her. Rocky stands by Shivangi and says he knew her truth the day he saw her killing Anshuman. He challenges her. Shesha is terribly upset that Rocky deceived her and she says she will destroy them both now. As the fight starts Shesha takes the form of Thakshika and throws Rocky away.

Yamini begs to Mansi Bua to take her to Rocky and they relent. Yamini goes to get the car and Romil asks Mansi Bua why she relented, Mansi says she feels it would be good to take her there as after Shesha, Rocky and Shivangi can kill Yamini too.

The war continues as Shivangi attacks Shesha. Shivangi puts Shesha down by fire as a sword cuts her through and her blood spills the ground. Shivangi and Rocky breathe a sigh of relief to see an end of Shesha. Rocky and Shivangi come home searching for Yamini and see the recording in the laptop in which Yamini had seen the entire truth through the hidden camera in Mansi Bua’s room. Now Rocky and Shivangi worry about Mansi, Romil and Aliya. Rocky says he will not leave Yamini if she does anything to any of them to get the Naagmani.

Shivangi and Rocky come to Gyaanima seeking help. Romil and Mansi Bua hang from a cliff at Ardhnareshwar temple. Gyaanima takes them there and Rocky rescues them both while Gyaanima saves Aliya. Gyaanima says death does not come here. Mansi says Yamini took the Naagmani from them. Gyaanima shows them where Yamini went, Rocky sends the family home while he and Shivangi follow Yamini. They corner Yamini but Yamini is confident to kill Shivangi just like she did to Shivanya. Rocky and Shivangi cannot touch Yamini as she has Naagmani. She sucks away all powers off Shivangi and Rocky, and she says there story is over. Shivangi says Lord Shiva will himself come to rescue his worshipers. Yamini taunts them and Shivangi tries to push her with all her remaining strength and Rocky joins her. But Yamini hits them both away by Naagmani, and tries to kill Shivangi with Shiva’s trishul. Shiva’s damru hits Yamini and the Naagmani bounces off into Shivangi’s hands.

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Shivangi and Rocky get their powers back and they grab Yamini and throw her on a trishul killing her instantly. Rocky says everything is over and now they can start afresh a life of love. Shesha comes back to life and returns to kill them. Rocky and Shivangi return home to find the family in Shesha’s grip. Shesha takes the family away and says she would keep them till Shivangi gives her the Naagmani.

Rocky and Shivangi take Gyaanima’s advice to kill Thakshika as Shesha is dead and what exists is Thakshika. Gyaanima says not a drop of blood of Thakshika should fall on ground and also she can be killed only by Ardhanareshwar. Shivangi hands over the Naagmani to Gyaanima to keep it safely and goes off to get Shesha to Ardhanareshwar temple to kill her. They reach the Thakshak Lok and tell Shesha that only a powerful maharani can take the Naagmani from the temple of Ardhanareshwar.

Shesha accompanies them and they show her the Naagmani under the Shivling. Shesha’s snakes come there to protect her and Shesha tries to get the Naagmani but is attacked by Naagmani. Shesha calls for attack but right then Shesh Naags come there and rescue them. Shesha takes Thakshika’s form and tries to attack them but Shesha is made immovable. Shivangi and Rocky pray to Ardhanareshwar for strength to kill Shesha and there is a storm. Shivangi and Rocky take the form of Ardhanareshwar and kill Shesha. Shivangi thanks Rocky for everything and as she is about to hug him, Rocky pierces a trishul into her and says he always wanted to kill her saying it is important for her to die. He hugs her as she dies in his arms.

Rocky screams in agony and Rithvik comes there. Rocky says he killed Shivangi as Rithvik had said. Rithvik says she was the biggest power of Sheshvansh and nothing could kill her except love and today he did it. Love killed love and Shivangi had to die. Rithvik says her death was written and so she died and Naagin was finished.

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