Naagin 2, June 25th full episode written update: Rocky and Shivangi are determined to kill Shesha and lead a new life

Naagin 2 season finale, June 25th full episode written update: Shivangi (Mouni Roy) and Rocky (Karanvir Bohra) plan to kill Shesha (Adaa Khan) so they have to be very careful. Yamini (Sudha Chandran) who comes to know the truth is happy that this would leave her to get the naagmani for herself.

Written by Shreya Mudgal | New Delhi | Updated: June 25, 2017 4:52:13 pm
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The episode starts with Yamini trapped by the family and Shivangi. They try to kill her and Yamini wakes up screaming from her dream. She runs to tell Shesha about it, but Shesha slaps her instead and refuses to believe Yamini. Shesha then walks away but actually she turns out to be Shivangi. Shivangi thinks she would drive Yamini nuts and kill her. Shivangi speaks about this to Rocky and Rocky says they will make use of this doubt they have. Jadhunath takes the naagpustak to a baba and asks him to resolve the mystery in the book so that he can tell his friends about this. The baba says there is a big mystery hidden in the book which can make or destroy everything.

Mahendra sees Shivangi walking in the house and tries to attack her but Rocky gets hold of him and takes him away. Jadhunath reaches the gang and tells Shesha about Rocky and Shivangi being together, he also shows them the proof in the ball of fire while Shivangi in Mahendra’s form hears it all. Shesha plans to use the Nagmani against Rocky and Shivangi. Shivangi goes to Rocky and Rocky asks her to kill Mahendra and avenge her father’s death. Shivangi hesitates but Rocky insists. Mahendra tries to tell Rocky that he is his father but Rocky says he better be without a father than to have one like him. Rocky asks Shivangi to kill Mahendra but Shivangi says she cannot do that as he is Rocky’s father. Shivangi asks Rocky to kill him but then they both decide they both cannot kill him. Mahendra takes the opportunity to take the trishul and tries to kill Shivangi but Rocky grabs him and throws him so that he gets pierced by trishul killing himself.

Rocky is infront of the nagmani as Shesha and group comes in. Shesha questions him about being with Shivangi. He asks Jadhunath to show him proof, he again takes up the ball of fire but again Rocky and Shivangi are seen together, Rocky says how can he be in the ball of fire when he is before them. They again get confused and Rocky remembers how he had made Gyaanima do this magic for him so as to confuse their enemies. Jadhunath takes the nagmani in the confusion and walks off. Now Jaadhunath gets lost in the jungle and comes face to face with Rocky and Shivangi who tell him the nagmani is fake and then Rocky asks Shivangi to kill him. Shesha and Yamini search for Rocky and Jadhunath. Shivangi kills Jadhunath and then they notice a temple nearby and also find the pictures of Shesh Nag and Thakshak nags in Jadhunath’s bag. The baba whom Jadhunath had met before comes there and says the two nags were lovers and existed long back.

Rocky brings the fake nagmani to Shesha and tells her he will establish it back at the thakshak temple. Shesha still blindly trusts him and this disturbs Yamini, she plans to convince Shesha that the family is involved with Shivangi and Rocky. They reach back home and Shivangi takes the form of Mahendra while Rocky goes in to the family as Yamini stands questioning them. Rocky convinces Yamini and Shesha that someone was taking his form to convince the family against Yamini. Thaksha ma comes there saying tonight is to be the Thakshak raja and rani’s wedding. Rocky agrees to this pleasantly surprising Shesha. Yamini thinks this is some trap that Rocky is planning to kill Shesha. Thaksha ma asks Yamini to get Shesha ready as a dulhann.

As they go off Thaksha ma turns out to be Shivangi, she tells the family that Thaksha ma had come to warn Shesha to get married to Rocky that night itself. Shivangi has now tied up Thaksha ma with nag pathra and they plan to lay this trap for Shesha. Gyaanima and Baba see the entire sky getting red and know that something is about to happen tonight. Yamini comes to the room of Mansi Bua, Romil and Aliya and sees them holding hands together and wonders why they do that each time she meets them. She sneakily puts a camera in their room and goes off. As she goes away the three of them sigh with relief. Yamini goes happily to her room so she can keep an eye on them. Shivangi as Mahendra comes to their room and says Shesha will become Rocky’s dulhann.

Yamini comes to know the entire truth and is now tensed about how to convince Shesha. Yamini also comes to know that the three have nagmani. Yamini realises the entire truth. Shivangi says Shesha has to die today so they have to be very careful. Yamini now feels it is good that Shesha would be killed as she will be the sole contender for the nagmani. Yamini says she would later kill Shivangi and Rocky. Shivangi and Rocky prepare to kill Shesha. Rocky and Shivangi have a romantic moment with each other before they part to teach Shesha a lesson.​

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