Naagin 2, 9th April 2017 full episode written update: Sesha plans to kill Shivangi as she acquires superpowers

Naagin 2, 9th April 2017 full episode written update: Shivangi swears to kill Yamini and Sesha with the help of Guruji

Updated: April 9, 2017 9:58:20 pm

Santosh Singh enters the house with his family to see Avni. Santosh’s son sees snake in the mirror and yells out that there is a snake in the house. Yamini and Sesha call Shivangi to see if she is a naagin or not. Yamini realises that Shivangi is a real naagin as she can see her true self in the mirror. Sesha suggests to Rocky that he must check Shivangi in the mirror. Shivangi sees herself as a naagin in the mirror and she decides to capture her superpowers in a gem. Rocky calls Shivangi in front of the mirror and they see that Shivangi is a normal person. Sesha tells Yamini that today is the night when she can attain Mahashakti by making Shivji happy.

Shivangi overhears this and reaches out to Guruji to ask about it. Guruji says that he has no knowledge about the event. Shivangi swears that she will kill Sesha and Yamini by hook or by crook. Shivangi tries to stop Sesha by turning herself into Rocky. But soon Sesha realises that Rocky is actually Shivangi. She leaves for shiv aradhana. Shivangi follows her and tries to stop her from getting superpowers. Sesha starts dancing to impress Shivji and feels happy when she gets superpowers. Though, Shivangi tries to stop her, Sesha attacks her and burns her hand. Sesha gets the magical superpowers.

Shivangi goes to Guru ji and he tells her that there must be a way out to beat Sesha’s superpowers. Guruji takes Shivangi to some place in the temple and opens a book in which it is written that Takshika, who is icchadhari naagin can turn anyone into stone through her vision. Shivangi tells that now she will kill Yamini and Sesha very soon.

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Sesha goes to Yamini and tells her that she has got superpowers. Yamini asks Sesha about Shivangi whereabouts. Sesha through her superpowers tries to see Shivangi. Sesha discovers that Shivangi is going towards Takshak village. She follows her and swears to kill her.

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