Naagin 2, 6th May 2017 full episode written update: Rocky transforms into a snake

Naagin 2, 6th May 2017 full episode written update: Rocky transforms into a snake

Naagin 2, 6th May 2017 full episode written update: Guru ji discloses that Rocky is a descedant of Takshak ancestry and Shivangi is his enemy

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Naagin 2, 6th May 2017 full episode written update: What will Shivani do now?

The episode starts with Yamini welcoming baba and preparing the dagger to kill Rocky when Mahendra appears at the door. He is about to attack Yamini as he says that he already knew they all are planning to kill Rocky. Baba does some magical trick on him. Shivangi gets free from police officers but they warn her to stay away from that house. Shivangi takes a vow to go back and she transforms into a snake. Yamini asks Rocky to come along with her to a dark room, where his father is already trapped. Yamini says that she is willing to remove all bad luck from him and later tells him to close his eyes. Rocky’s father is trapped in the same room but he can’t hear his voice. Yamini attacks Rocky with the dagger and as soon as Yamini does this, Shivangi feels the cut and realises that Rocky has been hurt. Rocky feels betrayed, Yamini laughs at this while his father cries in pain. Shiv ling produces a light and the dagger vanishes from Rocky’s body. Rocky gains consciousness. The whole scenario confuses Yamini and baba tells his father that Rocky is alive for everyone. Shivangi’s pain vanishes all of a sudden. Even she gets confused about what is happening to Rocky at the moment. Shivangi, willing to find out what is happening, masks herself and participates in a masquerade party.

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Rocky arrives at the party and cuts his birthday cake. Buaji goes to get Tanya and takes her to a room but it turns out to be Shivangi who has put Tanya to sleep and has taken her face. She goes to Rocky and insists on a dance as he is sitting alone. Rocky imagines Shivangi while dancing with Tanya. They perform a romantic couple dance. He gets a feeling that it is not Tanya but Shivangi. Baba is still sitting in front of fire. Rocky starts drinking and Tanya tries to stop him. But he says he is done with Shivangi’s fake love. He does not want that kind of love in his life. Rocky starts feeling restless and removes his coat, he feels a pain and moves out. Shivangi goes after him. Yamini informs babaji that Rocky went somewhere, he says today he will be birthed again. They all go outside following a magical trail. Rocky goes to the forest and Shivangi follows him and so do all the others. Shivangi hears them and decides on removing that trail to mislead them and does so. It leaves all others shocked. Baba says somebody deliberately cleared the trail. Shivangi sees Rocky transforming into a shape shifting snake. Rocky is confused as to what is happening. The sky light up in red colour. They all are still searching for Rocky. Shivangi is confused as to how to help him and decides to take her naagin form.