Naagin 2, 16th April 2017 full episode written update: Rocky ends his relationship with Shivangi

Naagin 2, 16th April 2017 full episode written update: Shivangi tries to kill Yamini but fails.

Written by Bhumika Sharma | New Delhi | Published: April 16, 2017 9:58:48 pm
Naagin 2, Naagin 2 TV summary, naagin 2 written update, naagin 2 weekly written update, Naagin 2 pics Naagin 2, 16th April 2017 full episode written update: Shivangi confesses to Rockey about why she killed Shesha and Yamini.

Shivangi gives the naagmani to Yamini and asks her not to do anything to Rocky. Sesha asks Yamini to kill Shivangi with the same knife with which they killed her mother. Yamini inserts the knife in Shivangi’s stomach. Soon, both nagmani and knife vanish. Rocky comes to Bababji and asks him to accompany him to find Yamini. He agrees and they both leave together. In the next scene, Yamini sees that Shivangi is back in her real avatar and she is shocked. Shivangi promises that she will kill Yaamini today. Yamini replied that she has ‘garud kavach’ and cannot be killed. Yamini ties the ‘garud kavach’ to a trishul and soon she realises that she has lost it. Shivangi traps Yamini and bites her eight times, finally kills her and says now everything has ended. Rocky arrives with Babaji and sees that Yamini is dying.

Yamini tells Rocky that Shivangi has killed everyone and she is an icchadhari nagin. Rocky cries and feels helpless. Yamini further tells Rocky that Shivangi was never interested in a physical relationship with him because she doesn’t want to lose her superpowers. Yamini tells Rocky that he will have to take revenge for Yamini.
Rocky puts Yamini on an ice bed and says that he will complete the rituals only after taking revenge from Shivangi. In the next scene, Shivangi is seen in the Shiv temple. She says that she will tell the truth to Rocky today. Yamini is alive as Babaji helped her by giving a kaat to naagin’s attack. Rocky is shattered, he is waiting for her in the room. Rocky is trying to find a way to take revenge from Shivangi. He reads in a book that if an icchadhari nagin makes physical relationship with a human, she will lose her powers. To make sure that happens, Rocky romances her. Rocky wakes up next morning and he is crying. Shivangi hugs him and wishes him love. Rocky asks her what she wanted to tell him the night before.

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Shivangi tells Rocky that Ruchika, Avantika and Yamini killed her mother. Shivangi says that she killed Yamini because her mother was killed by her. Rocky says that he snatched all her powers last night by consummating their relationship. Shivangi is shocked and Rocky ends his relationship with Shivangi. He calls her a murderer. He drags Shivangi out of his house. Shivangi pleads with Rocky but he doesn’t listen to her. Rocky reveals to his family that Shivangi is a murderer. Shivangi keeps on pleading and says that she has killed everyone because of Rocky and his love. Rocky calls Shivangi an animal and then hands her to police.

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