Naagin 2, 12th February 2017 full episode written update: Shivangi kills Yamini

Naagin 2, 12th February 2017 full episode written update: Rudra helps Shivangi to kill Manav and Yamini.

Written by Bhumika Sharma | New Delhi | Published: February 12, 2017 10:42:15 pm

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Today’s episode resumes where Manav tells Shivangi that they will not be able to harm him as he has Garud Kawach with him. Shivangi and Rudra light the fire in the room and leave Manav there. Manav calls Rocky for help. Everyone rushes to his room and gets shocked to see him choking. They call an ambulance. Manav tries to tell his wife about Shivangi but she makes him wear the oxygen mask. They reach the hospital.

Doctor asks them to remove his ornaments and watch. Shivangi shape-shifts into a snake and goes and bites Manav. Everyone gets shocked. Ruchika sees snake-bite wounds on Manav’s feet and gets suspicious of Shivangi. Ruchika, Yamini and Avantika discuss who could have killed Manav. Ruchika tells them that she will shape-shift as Gautami and ask Shivangi everything. Nidhi and everyone in the family start mourning over Manav’s death. Ruchi shape-shifts as Gautami and enters Shivangi’s room. Shivangi feels bad for Nidhi and leaves. Rocky sees her crying and consoles her. Rocky tells her he knows that she cares for his family and he trusts her blindly. Gautami asks Shivangi if she is fine. Shivangi sees a phone in her hand and realizes that Sesha has come in Gautami’s avatar. She manipulates her and doesn’t tell her anything. Ruchika tells everything to Yamini and Avantika. They come to a conclusion that Shivangi is innocent. Shivangi tells everything to Gautami and asks her to leave the house as soon as possible. Shivangi tells Rudra that she wants to take her revenge and kill the rest of the four people. Rudra suggests killing Yamini first as she is an ordinary human. His Guru asks him to be more careful. Shivangi gets determined to kill her.

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In the next scene, Avantika and Ruchika bring Yamini to Mahismati. Yamini gets shocked to see Vikram’s body. She asks how come he is alive. They tell her that Vikram had just gone into coma and the person who died that day was just a dummy. Avantika tells them that she will bring him back to life and he will tell them who is the real Naagin. Rudra and Shivangi transform into Ruchika and Avantika and start talking about Naagmani. They say that it is at Panchner ki Haweli. Yamini leaves. Shivangi calls Rudra and tells him that they will have to kill Yamini today. Rocky comes there and asks Shivangi to come out with him. As soon as he turns to take out his clothes, Shivangi converts into a Naagin and leaves.

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Yamini reaches Panchner Ki Haweli and gets happy to see the Naagmani. Rudra comes there. Yamini tells him that she is not scared of him as he will die as soon as he will try to touch her. Shivangi comes there in the form of a snake. Yamini asks her who she was. She asks her to show her face. Yamini runs away with the Naagmani. Rudra asks Shivangi not to show her face to Yamini until they capture her. They decide to first separate her Kawach from her. Yamini challenges them to touch her. Rudra attacks her and snatches her locket from. Rudra falls from the valley in the procedure. Shivangi comes in front of Yamini and tells her she will not leave her today.

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