Naagin 2, 11th February 2017 full episode written update: Shivangi turns into Ruchika to kill Manav

Naagin 2, 11th February 2017 full episode written update: Ruchika encounters Gautami and brings her back home.

Written by Bhumika Sharma | New Delhi | Published: February 11, 2017 10:44:04 pm
naagin-2-759 Naagin 2, 11th February 2017 full episode written update: Gautami comes back home after an encounter with Ruchika

In the first scene, Rocky is trying to find Shivangi and asks her where she was. She fumbles. He says that he knows she has gone to bring Valentine’s day gift for him. He says he had also gone to bring a gift for her. He makes her wear a chain. Shivangi apologizes to him for not bringing anything for him. He says it’s okay and starts dancing with her.
In the next scene, Yamini, Makkhi, and Kaali Naagin discuss how Shivangi got the Naagmani. Yamini tells them that Shivangi is not a naagin and they should stop doubting her. Kaali Naagin says she still has her doubts. She comes out to buy a gift for Rocky and gets shocked to see Gautami alive. Gautami tries to run away but Ruchika catches her.

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Ruchika asks how she was alive. She lies and tells her that she had just fainted that day. Ruchika asks for more details. Gautami says she doesn’t remember much. Ruchika gets happy to know that she doesn’t remember that Yamini killed her. She tells her that Shivangi is alive and that she will make her meet her. Shivangi decides to kill Manav and attacks him. She realizes that he is wearing a protective cover and mixes poison in his juice. Manav gives the glass to Rocky. Shivangi gets shocked and stops him from drinking the juice. Rudra comes dressed as Yamini and asks Shivangi to be more careful. She says she wants to kill Manav today itself. Rudra says he is ready to help her. He comes dressed as a chef and enters Rocky’s house.
Ruchika tells Rocky and Shivangi that she has a gift for them. She brings Gautami inside. Everyone gets shocked. Yamini gets scared. Shivangi goes and hugs Gautami. Rocky asks where she was. Gautami tells them the entire story. Ruchika asks her to stay with them in their house. Shivangi takes her to the guest room. Yamini asks Ruchika why did she bring Gautami here. Ruchika tells them that Gautami doesn’t remember that they killed her and hence they will use her to blackmail Shivangi. She warns Gautami to stay normal in front of them. Gautami asks how can she stay with Rocky. She tells her he is innocent and she can trust him blindly. Rocky tells Shivangi he has a surprise for her. Ruchika feels jealous to see them together. Shivangi sees Manav and leaves. Rocky’s brother flirts with Gautami. Ruchika gets happy to see them together. Rudra and Shivangi decide to kill Manav.

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Shivangi transforms into Ruchika and takes Manav to the bedroom. Rocky gets the party started. Shivangi asks him to remove his Garud Kawach. He gets reminded of Yamini’s words and refuses to remove it. Manav sees Rudra in the room and asks Shivangi to attack him. Ruchika tells him that she is with Rudra. He asks who is she. She shape-shifts and takes her original avatar. He gets shocked.

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