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Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Naagin 2, 10th December 2016 full episode written update: Shivangi creates misunderstanding between Akhilesh and Yamini

Naagin 2, 10th December 2016 full episode written update: Akhilesh and Yamini fight with each other as Shivangi creates misunderstanding between them.

Written by Bhumika Sharma | Published: December 11, 2016 3:58:14 am
Naagin 2, 4th December 2016 full episode written update: Rocky tells Shivangi that he will transfer all his belongings in her name. Naagin 2, 10th December 2016 full episode written update: Akhilesh fights with Yamini over money.

Akhilesh tells Yamini that he is not as dumb as his brother and reminds her how she begged him for this new family and promised him 50% share of Naagmani. Yamini tries to shut him up but he threats her to disclose to the family about her reality. Yamini talks sweetly and asks him to not do that. He then orders her to bring his footwear and make him wear it. Yamini does so.

Shivangi asks Rocky if she can go to meet her friend and goes to meet Rudra. She shows him the picture of Yamini and her husband and tells him her concern about Arvind as how he is still alive. She asks him to go to guruji and ask him if he has any idea. When they were about to leave the cafe Shivangi accidently falls on Rudra and Rocky’s friend see them.

In the next scene Shesha and Avantika turn into Naagin and bee and go to kill Akhilesh but they couldn’t do that as he was having some special thing which made them powerless. In the next scene we see Shesha pretending to cry and Rocky hears her and asks her why she is crying and hugs her. Ruchika/Shesha says she was missing him and she is not able to forget him. Rocky pulls back and he gets a call from his friend who tells him that he saw Shivangi with some of his friend.

Rocky tells Ruchika why he is worried and she thinks that this is the good chance to create misunderstanding between them. Ruchika says that Shivangi must be cheating on him but Rocky asks her to shut up and says that they are very happy together and don’t you dare to create misunderstanding between them.

Rocky asks Shivangi how was her meeting with her friend. Shivangi says it was very good and they had fun. Rocky wonders why she is lying to him. And they share a romantic moment.

In the next scene Yamini goes to Akhilesh’s room and finds him nowhere around so she starts searching for the thing protecting him but he comes in there and puts a gun at Yamini’s neck and asks her why she sent her puppets to kill him. Yamini says she didn’t send them and they don’t listen to her. Yamini then gets a phone call and she says she is coming there. She asks Akhilesh to come along.

In the next scene Yamini enters home and announces that there is a new guest and Rudra comes in. Rocky gets up to throw him out but Yamini says that he is not Srivastava the lawyer but his son and he was here to do his father’s work and today Srivastava called her up and told her about everything so now he will take care of their legal matters. Shivangi looks confused and goes to Rudra’s room to aks him why is he here. He tells her that he called up Yamini and said he was her relative.

When Yamini reached there he told them that some group of people kidnapped him and were saying that he is the key to naagmani and he is their relative. Yamini doubts him but then he showed them the Suryavanshi family’s mark on his back. He tells her that he carved the mark on his back with his tail.

In the next scene Yamini was counting money kept in a bag when Akhilesh asks her to give him his share as he killed Shivanya’s husband Ritik due to which she is able to get so much money. She asks him to believe her and she will give him the money when he will need it.

Shivangi was listening to their conversation in form of a naagin and thereafter she turns into Yamini and talks loudly in front of Akhilesh’s room on phone and says that she has all the money and she won’t let that stupid man have a single penny. Akhilesh listens to this and starts doubting Yamini even more. There Rudra goes to Yamini in form of Akhilesh and says he doesn’t believe her and asks her to give him his share.

He takes the money and leaves. Shivangi feels good as she is successful in creating misunderstanding between them. There Avantika was teasing Aaliya as she found out Rudra’s pic in her phone when Yamini moves in and Avantika tells her that Aaliya likes him. Yamini asks her if she really like him she says yes. Yamini smiles and says this is good news and she need not be afraid. She says she will talk to his parents. Yamini hugs her and thinks that this will be good to lock the key to naagmani in wedlock.

In the next scene Akhilesh fights with Yamini over money and asks for his share but she says she has already given him the money.

Shivangi and Rudra were congratulating each other when Rocky sees them and thinks what are they doing together at this time in night.

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