MTV Splitsvilla 9 winners: Gurmeet Singh Rehal, Kavya Khurana the ultimate King and Queen

MTV Splitsvilla 9 winners: Gurmeet Singh Rehal, Kavya Khurana the ultimate King and Queen

MTV Splitsvilla 9 winners Gurmeet Singh Rehal, Kavya Khurana talks about their further plans.

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MTV Splitsvilla 9 winner: Gurmeet Singh Rehal, Kavya Khurana wins the show.

Gurmeet Singh Rehal, the winner of Splitsvilla 9, says he doesn’t think there’s any reality show left to compete on. Gurmeet and his connection Kavya Khurrana were declared the ‘king and queen’ of the latest season of the reality show.

When asked if he has plans of taking up more reality shows, Gurmeet told PTI, “I think I have done a lot of reality shows. I have done ‘Roadies’ and ‘Splitsvilla’, so, I don’t know what else to do now! So, I won’t do reality shows right now.”

He would love to try his hand at acting instead. “I would like to work in Bollywood but only in movies where my acting talent is utilised. I don’t want to do a song-and-dance film,” he said.

About Kavya, Gurmeet said he is happy his connection with her grew naturally. “Our bond grew over time, like a normal couple. It wasn’t sudden. There were times when we both wanted different things from the relationship and then we sorted it out,” he said.


While Kavya said about him, “He is the most amazing guy I have ever met. He is genuine and has a clean heart.” The Delhi girl, who is also an ex Roadies participant, said Splitsvilla win was extremely important for her to establish in the entertainment industry but she is not keen on doing a Bollywood film in the near future.

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“I entered ‘Splitsvilla’ with only one thought- to win. It was the most important thing for me. I wanted people to see me and like me because I was making a comeback to TV after my sad exit from ‘Roadies’. I knew there was no other option than winning,” she said.

“Acting is not on my list. I won’t say if something good comes my way (I won’t take it), I am exploring acting. But definitely it is not my priority. I’ll continue with law as my educational degree and will look for good platform for my anchoring,” she said.