MTV Ace of Space host Vikas Gupta: The makers are already planning the next season

MTV Ace of Space host Vikas Gupta: The makers are already planning the next season

On December 31, Varun Sood, Divya Agarwal, Pratik Sehajpal and Shehzad Deol will fight to lift the trophy of Ace of Space.

MTV Ace of Space finalists
MTV Ace of Space is hosted by Vikas Gupta. (Photo: Vikas Gupta/ Twitter)

Reality show MTV Ace of Space has reached its final stage. On December 31, one among Varun Sood, Divya Agarwal, Pratik Sehajpal and Shehzad Deol will win the title. Before the finale, spoke exclusively to host Vikas ‘Mastermind’ Gupta about his experience, favourite contestants and plans for the next season.

Talking about the first season raking in big numbers, Vikas said, “To be honest, I really did not expect it would do so well. It broke all records with its high rating. The show has come as a blessing not just to me but to everyone who has been a part of the team.”

Vikas Gupta won the ‘Mastermind’ title in Bigg Boss 11, where he ended at the third place. And while Ace of Space improved his hosting skills, Bigg Boss still remains special for him. He shared, “If it wasn’t for Bigg Boss, I wouldn’t have got an Ace of Space. I am always grateful to the things that lead to a start. Also, I feel I am able to handle the responsibility of this show only because of the changes I incorporated in Bigg Boss.”

While many factors play a role in making a series successful, we asked Vikas what according to him led to Ace of Space winning hearts. He said, “I think it was the contestants, the team and the fact that they knew what exactly the show needed. I feel no one person or thing alone can make a show. It is when different things come together that magic happens.”


A couple of weeks ago, Danish Zehen, an ex-contestant of Ace of Space, lost his life in a road accident. While the team was still trying to process the news, many on social media hinted at the accident being a planned murder. Vikas was even accused of encashing on Danish’s death when he broke the news to contestants in one of the episodes.

Opening up on the controversy, the 30-year-old said, “I must share that I am really proud of MTV and Endemol. We had the option to not tell the kids about it. People accused us of doing it for ratings. But ironically, it was the opposite. We knew it will really hit them badly and they would be low throughout the week. But we made a conscious choice.”

He further added, “The kids were having a merry time in the house. And outside, one of their friends was dead. Danish could have easily come in their conversation. So we decided to reveal the tragic news to them. And those people who criticised us for doing it on camera, I have a question for them. If we did not and the contestants spoke about his death later, wouldn’t the viewers be confused? We couldn’t cheat our audience.”

During the conversation, Vikas kept referring to the contestants as kids. Sharing that he will miss them all terribly, the host said, “To tell you honestly, I had decided that I would not get emotionally attached to anyone anymore. But ab ho gaya, to kya kare? I might call them kids but while in the process of teaching them, I learned so much. As much as I have given to these kids and the show, it has all come back to me also.”

When we asked him to share which housemate’s journey impressed him the most, Vikas said, “Everyone has had an interesting journey. Divya and Faizy Boo have been superbly sorted from day one. But these boys – Varun, Pratik and Shehad, their growth has been amazing. They have had a drastic transformation and it’s for the viewers to decide, who should win the show.”

The makers of Ace of Space have already started calling Vikas for the next season. He revealed, “The team wanted to extend the show for 60 more days, from the initial 43 days. I told them it’s not possible; the kids will go mad. So we finalised on an extra month. And now as the show is wrapping up, the team is already prepping for the next season. I was like thoda ruk jao, I need time. It is an extremely tiring project. You need to be around 24X7 as something is happening inside all the time.”

MTV Ace of Space finale will air on December 30 and 31.