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Monday, May 25, 2020

Meiyang Chang: Don’t pressurise yourself to be productive during lockdown

Singer-actor Meiyang Chang on his lockdown experience and getting typecast in ethnic roles.

Written by Sana Farzeen | Mumbai | Updated: April 8, 2020 12:28:48 am
Meiyang Chang songs Meiyang Chang recently spoke on the discrimination Chinese and north-east people have been facing in India after the coronavirus outbreak. (Photo: Meiyang Chang/Instagram)

“If you are wondering why I am so enthusiastic, even in the lockdown, well that’s how I am. I believe one has to always be happy and in this situation, being optimistic is a way to go forward,” shared Meiyang Chang in his Facebook Live on The Indian Express page. The singer-actor not only shared his lockdown experience with the fans, but also enthralled all with his soulful voice.

Talking about his self isolation, Chang shared, “I have been listening to a lot of songs, and doing my riyaaz, for which I never got so much time. However, this year has been a quarantine period, given I have been at home. I am also writing a lot of things, and even tried my hand at cooking. I must add that I have new found respect and admiration for all the people who have cooked for me before. Apart from that I am exercising and even honing my guitar skills. While I have no issues staying at home, I am really missing my family and friends.”

Meiyang Chang recently spoke about the discrimination Chinese and north-east people have been facing in India after the coronavirus outbreak. Sharing more about the same, he said, “I genuinely believe that this will not stop so soon. But people are finally being aware that calling out someone’s ethnicity even as a joke is not acceptable. I hope people stop harassing those with oriental looks, as this is the time that we need to stand together.”

When we asked him if he is also facing social media trolling, Chang replied, “I usually don’t face it but right now, with such a strong anti-China and north-east sentiment, I have been getting harsh comments. But people have to understand that we have nothing to do with the virus. However, I make it a point to talk to them with love, for if I also get down to their level, there would be no difference between us. I feel some people do understand but if the hatred is conditioned in them for generations, you can’t do anything to change them. But as Anne Frank said there is goodness in everyone, and I do believe in it.”

A dentist by profession, Meiyang Chang rose to fame as a contestant on Indian Idol. Post that he tried his luck in hosting before venturing into acting. The actor has been part of films like Badmaash Company and Detective Byomkesh Bakshi. When we quizzed him on which field he enjoyed the most, the 37-year-old smiled to say, “I have been singing all my life. Dentistry runs in my family while I picked up hosting only after I came to Mumbai. As for acting, it was something I never thought I could do. But it has been so much fun, so I will pick singing and acting as the most enjoyable among all.”

The singer, who ended up in the top 5 on Indian Idol, also emphasised that winning is not everything in life. “There is so much of competitive pressure. We must play to win but even if we don’t, that shouldn’t be the end of the world. I am a living example of the same, and I am sure there are many out there too. We are all unique in our own way, and we can achieve whatever we want through hard work.”

When we further enquired if he is happy with the kind of roles that come his way, Chang replied, “Mostly yes, it is slightly limiting. I usually get roles of Chinese, Nepali or north-east characters. But now, with the advent of digital medium, I believe things are going to change. .”

The singer also spoke about how all performing artistes are bracing up for the coming time. “Not just singers, but every artiste has realised that things are going to get difficult in the coming time. Not just shooting but live shows will also get affected even after the lockdown. In the worst case scenario, maybe we might not have any show this year. I think we are all getting ready for the same mentally,” he said.

Meiyang Chang added that it’s important to have a positive mind space during this time, “I am not an expert but we are all getting a little frustrated. So it’s important that we find ways of distraction to keep us busy. Maybe one can go back and re-indulge in an old hobby or find new means. But what’s most important is that you don’t need to pressurise yourself to do something. If you can be productive, it’s nice but if you don’t want to, that’s also completely fine. Just be satisfied, happy and thankful of things that is important to you.”

On a concluding note, the singer-actor shared that he has a song “Safarnama” coming up next. Chang will also be seen in a Hotstar Special, which has been helmed by Mahesh Manjrekar.

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