Manu Punjabi: Vikas should walk out from Bigg Boss 11 with the money bag

Manu Punjabi: Vikas should walk out from Bigg Boss 11 with the money bag

Manu Punjabi says he liked Akash, Priyank and Arshi in the on-going season of Bigg Boss. The show's finale is scheduled for January 14.

bigg boss ex contestant manu punjabi on vikas gupta
Manu Punjabi wants Vikas Gupta to walk on his footsteps in Bigg Boss 11.

Akash Dadlani’s midnight eviction has given Bigg Boss 11 its top four contestants. And now one among Vikas Gupta, Hina Khan, Shilpa Shinde and Puneesh Sharma will be given the chance to exit the show with a certain amount in their pocket. Last season we saw the popular Manu Punjabi taking the big risk before the finale and walking out of the game with 10 lakh. The Jaipur boy, who is all set to host Date to Remember, in an exclusive chat with shared that he wants Vikas to walk in his footsteps this time.

“Vikas has been the true mastermind in the game. I really wanted him to win but with Shilpa and Hina against him, it looks a little difficult for him. This is why I feel he should be the one, who steps out with the money bag. That way he will end his journey in the show on his own terms. He has used his mind throughout and without an iota of doubt, he should go ahead and not worry about what his fans would think. That way he will prove, he is indeed the mastermind of Bigg Boss 11,” said Manu Punjabi.

When we asked how difficult it is to take the decision of backing out the game just moments away from finale, the young man said, “You realise it during your stint in the game. It is not about whether the other finalists are more popular than you, it is about how you have been perceived in the game. During the course, you tend to take decisions that might have been good for the game but fans would not have taken it in the right spirit. So this is the payback time for your honesty and mind games.

He further went on, “Also it is not about the money ever but about taking a respectful exit. Every game has just one winner and there is no value of the people who come second and third. Doesn’t make sense to just hold Salman Khan’s hand and stand on the podium.”


When asked to compare his season with the current one, Manu quipped, “I really don’t want to compare as the level of torture is different for everyone (laughs). But I liked Vikas in the show as he has fought his way in the journey and stood up against everyone whenever needed. We both had a similar journey and I want him to win. Though I feel Shilpa will take home the trophy as she has really played a beautiful game. I salute her for her patience and the way she smilingly crossed the 100 days in the house.”

Nitibha Kaul and Manu Punjabi have already chosen their winner, watch video:

Lastly, talking about the best performers in the game, Manu said, “Akash was a great contributor in the game. It takes guts to show such dumbness on screen and become the butt of all jokes. Shilpa, Hina and Vikas of course for all their efforts. I even liked Priyank Sharma and Arshi Khan. These are the people who made the show. I am really surprised to see Puneesh still in the game, he moved up solely by clinging to others.”

Bigg Boss 11 finale is slated to happen on January 14.