Kumkum Bhagya: Abhi gets amazed to see Pragya dressed up for the double date.https://indianexpress.com/article/entertainment/television/kumkum-bhagya-abhi-gets-amazed-to-see-pragya-dressed-up-for-the-double-date/

Kumkum Bhagya: Abhi gets amazed to see Pragya dressed up for the double date.

Kumkum Bhagya 9th January 2016 full episode written update: Abhi, Pragya, Purab and Tanu participate in the ‘best couple’ competition.

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Abhi says he is very jealous that Purab got to be with Pragya. (Source: Express Photo)

Abhi is waiting for Pragya in her house to take her for a double date. He tells her family that he will take care of her and will even drop her back soon. Biji says she is not worried, she has full faith in him. Pragya purposely takes more time to get ready, she comes in the living room. Abhi gets stunned to see her so beautifully dressed up for the first time. He tells Pragya that she is looking very pretty, while driving the car. He asks her what she likes and dislikes in Purab. Pragya starts saying things about Purab. Abhi gets jealous. He stops the car and tells Pragya to change the topic. He says he is jealous that Purab got to be with her. Pragya is enjoying the moment to the hilt. Abhi says he likes Pragya’s company more and Purab is getting all the attention. Pragya smiles.


Abhi gets a call from Tanu who is waiting for him. She scolds Abhi and asks him to come fast. Abhi takes Purab, Pragya and Tanu to the hotel. Tanu tries to make Pragya feel inferior and old-fashioned, but Abhi and Purab ignore her. They give full importance to Pragya. Tanu realises that Abhi knows Nikita’s real name. She questions Pragya about it. Pragya says that she has plans to tell Abhi a lot of things about their relationship. She taunts Tanu and says you can also show your real face to Abhi. They sit at the table and order food. The host of the evening asks the guests to play a game named ‘rab ne bana di jodi.’ He shows a machine to them which will match the attributes of the couple. The machine will calculate and declare the ‘best couple’ of the day. The winner couple will get the ‘best jodi’ title and the trophy. Tanu says she is confident that she will win the title. Pragya refuses to play but when Purab insists her, she agrees. The game starts where each person has to fill up the form. The questions asked are — what are the things you desire in your partner, where do you want to date, and what is your favourite number etc. They all write their answers in the form and submit to the host.

On the other hand, at the dinner table Dadi and Daasi express happiness which makes Aalia more doubtful. She gets the hint from them that Pragya is planning to turn the tables at her.