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Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Kumkum Bhagya 8 January 2018 full episode written update: Abhi tries to find mole on Pragya’s shoulder

Kumkum Bhagya 8 January 2018 full episode written update: Disha asks Purab to check if Abhi found the mole and Abhi says he couldn't.

Written by Mehak Arora | New Delhi | Published: January 9, 2018 10:09:41 am
Kumkum Bhagya written update Kumkum Bhagya January 8 2018 full episode written update: Abhi tries to woo Pragya.

Abhi offers to sing for Pragya and plays guitar while holding her in his arms. Abhi and Pragya share a romantic moment and look into each other’s eyes and Abhi kisses her forehead. There Simolika thinks it’s her last day in the house and she should enjoy and thinks of teaching a lesson to everyone when she hears guitar playing. She gets scared thinking Abhi must be practicing and the bomb can blast anytime. She reminisces about Khan Chacha telling her that he isn’t sure the guitar will blast or not. He says he is a guitar repairer and not a bomb maker. He says he had fitted the bomb in the guitar but he doesn’t know when it’ll blast, it may blast when pressure is put on the strings or when the guitar falls. Dadi comes there and asks Simolika to go and call Abhi and Pragya for dinner. She thinks the guitar might blast so she shouldn’t go near it. She makes an excuse but Dadi comes and says Abhi would scold her if she doesn’t obey Dadi.

There Pragya says she’ll go and Abhi throws pens on the floor and asks her to pick them up in the hope of looking for the mole on Pragya’s shoulder. As he is about to touch her Simolika opens the door and Abhi scolds her a lot and says he doubts she is educated and asks Pragya if she had checked her qualifications and identity and Simolika gets scared. He says he doubts she is here to separate Pragya from him. Pragya asks him to stop and asks Simolika to not mind him.
Pragya asks him to come for dinner as Dadi is waiting and Abhi follows her and Pragya thinks he is doing some mischief and asks him to come in front but Abhi says ladies first. They both argue and think of walking by each other’s side.

At dining table Disha asks Purab to ask Abhi if he found the mole and Abhi says he couldn’t. Purab asks Disha for some other plan and she asks him to spill some thing on Pragya’s clothes and when she’ll go to change he can send Abhi after her. Purab asks her to spill something and Disha goes and offers her some veggie but she says she already has it.

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