Kumkum Bhagya 7th October 2016 full episode written update: Abhi and Pragya share a romantic moment

Abhi addresses the media at the party.

Written by Bhumika Sharma | New Delhi | Published: October 7, 2016 10:29:39 pm
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In the first scene, Abhi and Pragya argue about a pair of pants, when Pragya says she knows he has a similar pair of pants as he always gets it in two sizes and suddenly realises that she shouldn’t have said that and she goes to get those pants. Pragya sees a cockroach and climbs Abhi’s bed and shouts, Abhi also shouts and climbs the bed. Both of them get under the blankets to hide from the cockroach hen Tanu comes in the room. Abhi asks Pragya to not move and Tanu gets sceptical and pulls the blanket and asks what they are doing. Abhi says they are planning a baby (bachha) but he meant that they were planning a rescue (bachna). Tanu says she wants to talk to him. Abhi says to Pragya that he’ll be back and asks Tanu to move out with him. Tanu tells him that it is his room and he can ask Pragya to move out. Then Abhi asks Pragya to check the arrangements. Tanu tells this to Aalia and Aalia assures her that she will destroy Pragya. But Tanu says that Abhi has a soft corner for her and firing her from the job won’t do any good.

There Dadi asks Raj about the guest list and what time media will arrive. Dasi says to Dadi that they have to stop Abhi but they can’t ruin Abhi’s reputation.

Aalia asks Pragya to serve the guests and humiliates her. Aalia warns her that she will not spare her today and will not let her work even as a waitress. She asks her to serve Mitali and Chachi but Mitali says that she won’t take water from her even if she would be dying. Chachi asks Pragya to get her fresh juice and if it is not in the stock then she should make it by herself. Aalia says to Pragya to go and get what Chachi has asked for. Pragya then says that she won’t do anything that they are asking her to do, she would have done this if Abhi had asked her to do this and she is a secretary, not a servant. Abhi comes downstairs and asks Pragya why she is ruining his reputation by doing the work of a waitress being her secretary. Pragya says that Aalia has asked her to do that so she couldn’t deny. Aalia says that she just asked her to ask the waiters but she was doing it herself and willingly.

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Journalists ask Tanu if she has to say anything when Abhi goes and address them. He says that they have ruined his reputation and his career. They didn’t verify the truth and just published the news. Someone gave a false news and they published it for money without even confirming. Abhi asks them to tell the truth now.

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