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Kumkum Bhagya 6 September full episode written update: Tanu stops Alia from killing Disha

Kumkum Bhagya 6 September full episode written update: Alia wants to exploit the first chance that she gets with Disha, to kill her. Tan, however, tries to stop her and tells her to think about Abhi (Shabbir Ahluwalia), who already doubts her.

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Kumkum Bhagya 6 September full episode written update: Alia tries to poison Disha with poisonous gas.

Alia and Tanu come out to witness that Purab and Disha have come to meet everybody. They praise Disha and eagerly want to eat the kheer that she’s made. They watch them talk and laugh together, which makes Alia angry. Mitali is taking the kheer inside when Munni asks for it to offer in the mandir first. Alia plans to avenge Disha just once, to turn her life upside down.

Disha comes after Alia while she’s walking by, asking to have kheer. Alia walks away and says nothing. Tanu says that Alia doesn’t eat sweet dishes. She takes her kheer from Disha to taste. Abhi and the rest are teasing Disha and Purab about their first night after marriage. Mitali drops some kheer on Disha, by mistake. Disha goes up to clean her sleeve and asks Alia for help. Alia, at first gets annoyed but plans to exploit this chance. She takes her to a washroom and locks her inside. She wants to burst the heater pipe to kill her with the poisonous gas.

The doctor asks questions about Abhi, to Pragya. Pragya just says that he’s gone too far away. She couldn’t meet him after what she saw. She says that he has moved on with somebody else now. She starts crying about that sad reality about his unfulfilled promises and hopes. Purab goes to check for Disha when they haven’t seen her for too long. Alia takes out the pipe with the poisonous gas and puts it in the washroom’s window. Disha starts feeling dizzy with its effect while Purab is looking for her. She sits down and starts to suffocate.

Purab asks Tanu for help but she acts rudely. He goes away and she starts to worry if Alia has something. Pragya asks her doctor to take her somewhere else other than this place. She will start a new life in a new place and the doctor agrees. The doctor asks her to wait till she prepares for the trip.

Tanu stops Alia from lighting Disha on fire. She asks her to refrain from doing this since Abhi already doubts her. She will be punished by Abhi without a doubt. Alia is stubborn about killing Disha right away so that she can avenge her marriage with Purab. Tanu slaps her and tells tells her that she wouldn’t get Purab like this. Alia cannot bear to watch Purab have his first night with Disha. She will do all that she can to stop this from happening just like this.