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Saturday, September 26, 2020

Kumkum Bhagya 3 February 2017 full episode written update: Purab tells Tanu that her plan has backfired

Abhi tries to tell Rocky about Pragya’s qualities, but Rocky again says demeaning words for her. Finally, Abhi kicks him out of his house.

Written by Neha Nigam | New Delhi | February 3, 2017 11:08:35 pm
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The episode starts when Rocky is looking for Abhi at Mehra’s house. Abhi is angry at Rocky, so he directly instructs him not to insult Pragya ever. Rocky says that he is Abhi’s friend and it is his duty to it tell him what suits his image or what can harm it. Abhi says that Pragya is very close to him and he will not accept any defamotary comments on her. He asks Rocky to leave if he cannot see the inner beauty and talent of Pragya. Rocky feels insulted and warns Abhi, he says he can ruin Abhi’s image in the industry. Abhi says that he doesn’t care, he doesn’t like people who can’t respect a woman’s dignity. Rocky leaves the house. Purab hears their conversation, he feels good that Abhi has fought for Pragya’s self respect. Tanu is waiting for Abhi in his room. After seeing Abhi tensed, she asks the reason from him. Abhi says that he is worried after hearing Rocky’s comments on Pragya. Tanu thinks that Abhi is somewhere agreeing with Rocky so she says that although Pragya is smart but she looks ugly. She doesn’t have the class and when Abhi comes with Pragya in any party, then Tanu’s friends cracks jokes at her and Abhi. Tanu tells that she feels very bad for Abhi.

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He feels very disgusted, he takes Pragya’s side and says that no girl can match Pragya and her qualities. He says that he is ashamed that he is getting married to such a girl who can’t respect another girl’s dignity. He says that he took a wrong decision. Tanu feels bad and she talks to Aalia about it. She says that their plan has backfired and Pragya is getting the benefit of it.

In the next scene, Sarla and Biji are pulling Pragya’s leg. They see her bandage and ask if Abhi shared his feelings with Pragya. Pragya smiles. Just then, Abhi comes and takes Pragya with him for a drive. Pragya is happy, she thinks that Abhi and she are going to a date. Abhi is thinking something else, he wants to give Pragya a makeover so that Purab will accept her. Pragya asks him to stop the car, she takes Abhi to a snack corner.

She buys ice-candies and asks Abhi to enjoy. Abhi feels s little awkward, but later he starts liking Pragya’s simplicity. He likes the way Pragya enjoys moments of life without bothering about her looks and her outfits. Pragya mistakenly takes Bul-Bul’s name in front of Abhi, she says that she used to spend time with her sister like this. Abhi sees Pragya enjoying the ice-candy like a child, he wonders why people don’t find Pragya beautiful.

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