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Kumkum Bhagya 23rd September 2016 full episode written update: Abhi takes Pragya home

Abhi introduces Pragya at home as his secretary.

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Abhi cones home and tells everyone that he has brought someone along with him and calls Pragya.

The episode starts with Abhi, Aalia and Tanu at the restaurant having dinner where someone asks Abhi about his wife. He tells Abhi that last time he met him was with his wife. Aalia interrupts and tells Abhi that she will handle. Abhi tells Tanu that there must be something as he saw a wedding picture few days back and says that he must talk to that man. Aalia stops him and says that Mr. Sehgal was not in the industry for a long time and now he is mentally unstable and talks anything. Mr. Sehgal then comes and asks Aalia about her child and Abhi gets assured that he is mentally unstable. While leaving restaurant Tanu tells them that she enjoyed alot after a long time. Abhi asks her to meet daily and asks Tanu to talk to Aalia to schedule his routine and include 2-3 hours for Tanu. Abhi then leaves by saying that he has to take medicine and Aalia stays there with Tanu and scolds her for being over excited. There Pragya is waiting for Abhi’s call when she gets a text from him about an address.

Aalia then takes Tanu home to meet the family, but Tanu feels doubtful and says that only Abhi has lost his memory but other family members remember what she has done to Abhi. Aalia tells her that they have no other option but to accept her.

Abhi and Pragya reach the interview venue but Abhi asks Pragya to stay in the car while he goes to check the atmosphere at the office and tells her to wait for his call.

Aalia then introduces Tanu to the family again and asks her to join them for breakfast. Dadi then yells at Aalia and says that Tanu can’t stay here and asks her to send Tanu out. But Aalia laughs and says even she has done bad to the family but she is staying there. Dadi tells her that she would have thrown her out but its just because of Abhi that she is staying here. Aalia then says that Abhi wants Tanu to be here and if Dadi doesn’t want Tanu then she can throw her out when Abhi comes home and then explain everything to Abhi and then she will be responsible for Abhi’s health. Aalia warns everyone to forget the past 2.5 years.

There Pragya feels confused as Abhi has taken her to three places and goes in himself and asks her to stay in the car. Pragya then asks Abhi what is going on. Abhi says that he is testing her patience because that is required for the job he has found for her.


Next we see everyone at home is upset as Tanu is there. Abhi enters and tells them that he has brought someone along with him and calls in Pragya. Everyone is shocked to see her. (Kumkum Bhagya 22nd September 2016 full episode written update: Abhi finds out he’s married)