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Thursday, October 29, 2020

Kumkum Bhagya 23 rd March 2017 full episode written update: Nikhil is caught by Abhi

Excerpt: Abhi saves Purab from Nikhil’s attack. He gets shocked when he learns that the same person had hit Purab with a truck.

Written by Neha Nigam | March 23, 2017 11:28:48 pm
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The Kumkum Bhagya episode starts with Nikhil coming inside Mehra house. Mitali takes Janki to the lawn area, Nikhil thinks that now all the hurdles are removed, he can easily go to Purab’s room. Dadi tells Dassi that Pragya has fooled Abhi and pretend to be intoxicated. Abhi comes and says that he knows that Pragya was acting. Dadi laughs at him, she asks him to have food. There, Nikhil comes to Purab’s room to kill him and takes out a knife from the dhol stick. Purab is sleeping. Nikhil asks him to leave this world forever, so that he can live peacefully. He says that Purab is meant to be killed by him that is why God gave him the opportunity. He thinks that now nobody will be able to save him. Purab interference has made Nikhil’s life miserable. Now he will never be able to interfere and help Pragya.

Purab opens his eyes and holds the knife. They fight and Purab falls down. Nikhil starts attacking him with a knife. Purab asks Nikhil why he wants to kill him. Purab says that everyone will come and save him. Nikhil thinks that Purab is bluffing. Pragya had set up the camera in Purab’s room and now everyone can see the footage in the lawn area. Everyone sees Purab attacked by a man. Nikhil hits Purab with a vase and picks his knife. Purab threatens Nikhil that he will be caught soon, as his family members are coming inside. Abhi sees the live telecast and runs inside the house. Aalia looks at Tanu, she is sure that Tanu again planned to kill Purab. Tanu is scared, she thinks that if Nikhil will be caught, then she will be in a big trouble. Nikhil tries to run away, but he meets Abhi near the staircase. He tries to stab Abhi, but Abhi pushes him. Raj and Robin catch him. Tanu sees it, she is very scared now.

Pragya tells Abhi about her plan. She says that they got to know about the killer, so they shifted Purab and then Purab gained consciousness. Later, they both plan to catch the killer as he was also responsible for Purab’s accident. Abhi is shocked to know that. He says he will not leave this man. He starts interrogating Nikhil, whose face is fully covered by Holi colours. Abhi asks who is he and why he wanted to kill Purab. Tanu thinks Abhi will make him speak the truth and plans to escape before he opens his mouth. She then sees Aaliya and thinks if she came to know that he is Nikhil. Abhi repeatedly asks Nikhil who is he. He starts beating him, but Nikhil thinks that it is better to get hit. But, if he opens his mouth, then they may identify him. Pragya stops Abhi and says if anything happens to him, then we will never know who is trying to kill Purab.

Abhi asks Tanu to bring water bucket and soap. Tanu gets worried. Abhi says that this man must be Purab’s enemy so he is repeatedly trying to kill Purab. If his face gets clear, then Purab can identify him and also they will be able to send the picture to the police.

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