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Kumkum Bhagya 1st November 2016 full episode written update: Aalia conspires against Pragya

Aalia alleges that Pragya is cheating and trying to take employees' bonus money.

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Daadi is unwillingly applying mehndi on Tanu’s hand. Tanu asks Abhi to find his name in her mehndi. Abhi refuses and walks away. Pragya too leaves the stage and secretly writes Abhi’s name on her palm with mehndi. Abhi comes there and asks Pragya to show her hand as he wants to see the colour of her mehndi. Pragya refuses.

Abhi says you are afraid that I will see your boyfriend’s initial. He forcefully sees her hand and finds letter ‘A’. Pragya tries to confuse him and says it is a design and not an alphabet.

Aalia again has some evil plans for Pragya. She wants to get rid of Pragya before Abhi and Tanu’s marriage. She tells Tanu that this time she has made a fool-proof plan to kick Pragya out from Abhi’s life and his house. She tells Tanu to wait and watch.

Abhi’s accountant comes to the party and asks Pragya to get contract and cheques signed by Abhi. He tells her that it is very urgent. Abhi’s company will suffer a loss if she will take time to read the contracts.


Pragya tells the accountant that she will not show the contracts to Abhi without reading, but she will get the cheques signed. She takes the cheques with her. But Aalia meets her on the way. Aalia reminds Pragya about the past.

She blames Pragya foe spoiling her relationship with her brother Abhi. And, today she will take revenge in such a way that Pragya will be insulted by Abhi and throw her out of his life. Pragya smiles and tells Aalia that she always had the wrong intentions for her brother and she can never win.

Pragya meets Abhi and asks him to sign the cheques. But Abhi starts flirting with her and asks her how did she feel after applying mehndi of his name. Aalia comes there and tells Abhi not to sign the cheques.