Koffee With Karan Season 5: Twinkle Khanna’s 6 huge revelations about Akshay Kumar on Karan Johar’s show

Koffee With Karan Season 5: Twinkle Khanna put both husband Akshay Kumar and host Karan Johar in the spot as she came on the show. From Levi's controversy to how Dimple Kapadia thought Akshay was gay, she bared all.

Written by A. Kameshwari | Newdelhi | Updated: November 14, 2016 4:19:20 pm
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If the first episode of Koffee With Karan with Shah Rukh Khan and Alia Bhatt left you laughing, then the second one is going to make you leave you deliciously shocked. The guest for the second episode of Karan Johar’s talk show was star couple Twinkle Khanna and Akshay Kumar. Twinkle, who is known for not mincing her words, got candid and also revealed a few things about her filmy career and her successful marriage. She also revealed how her mother Dimple thought Akshay was gay and actually made them live together for a year before tying the knot. A bemused Akshay could also look on as wife Twinkle held fort, and the coffee hamper.

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1. Twinkle Khanna on Levi’s controversy

Twinkle Khanna is known for her no-nonsense statements and that’s what she did when she was asked about the Levi’s ‘unbutton’ controversy. Twinkle cleared that she didn’t want to do it but Akshay insisted. “It was only the top button. The next day, he was receiving his Padma Shri and I got a call from mom saying that police is looking for me because of this act,” she said. She added that people pee on the wall with their “danglers” out but it is she who gets arrested and had to pay Rs. 500 fine to come out on bail.

2. Twinkle Khanna made Rani Mukerji’s career

To those who do not know, the part of Tina in the film Kuch Kuch Hota Hai was first offered to Twinkle Khanna as she was Karan’s best friend. However, the actor did not like the role and eventually, it went to Rani. And now, it is considered among Rani’s best movies so far. That is why Mrs. Funnybones credits herself for Rani’s career.

3. Twinkle Khanna was Karan Johar’s first love

Twinkle and Karan have grown up together. During their schooling, Karan had a crush on Twinkle for a brief period of time. While talking about that, Twinkle said it is only because she used to have a moustache at that point of time and had a testosterone of level 11, which was equal to any man. Karan was left speechless as Akshay couldn’t help laughing.

4. Twinkle Khanna said Akshay was initially a ‘fling’

This perfect couple of the industry has often given relationship goals to the rest of us. But, Akshay and Twinkle’s relationship started as a fling. Twinkle had just got out of a long relationship and was in no mood to commit. She just wanted a fling of 15 days but eventually got married and they have now completed 15 years of blissful marriage.

5. Twinkle Khanna on connection between Mela being a flop and her marriage

Uncanny as it may seem, Twinkle Khanna’s marriage happened because of her flop film, Mela. Yes, the story goes that Akshay wanted to get married to Twinkle but she wasn’t ready as she thought her film will be a hit. However, her film flopped and Akshay got lucky. But wait, it didn’t end there. Akshay had to persuade Twinkle’s mother. Twinkle revealed that her mother Dimple Kapadia thought Akshay was a gay.  Dimple told Twinkle: “I have to tell you something after he goes. Your friend, who’s doing some piece on gay newspaper, says that Akshay is gay.” While a nonplussed Akshay watched, Dimple went on, “Both of you live together for a year and then we will see.”

6. Twinkle Khanna’s marriage tip

If you are getting married anytime soon then the tip from Twinkle Khanna is going to help you a lot. Apparently, before getting married, Twinkle Khanna had done a lot of research on Akshay’s family background. No, not in terms of money but in terms of his family health. She did this because for her, marriage primarily was about having kids and she did not want her kids to have any genetic diseases. This method is even recommended by Akshay Kumar.

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The epic episode on Koffee With Karan 5 was full of startling revelations and tongue-in-cheek humour and will be remembered for a long time. And apparently, there were good Twinkle Khanna lines which were edited out by Karan Johar.

And what about a show for Twinkle Khanna?

But on our request Mrs Funnybones, think about it?

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