Khatron Ke Khiladi 8 contestant Manveer Gurjar: My family thinks winning Bigg Boss 10 was a mistake

Khatron Ke Khiladi 8 contestant Manveer Gurjar: My family thinks winning Bigg Boss 10 was a mistake

Bigg Boss 10 winner Manveer Gurjar is back on television as a contestant on Fear Factor: Khatron Ke Khiladi season eight.

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Manveer Gurjar faced a lot of controversy after winning Bigg Boss 10, around his marital status.

It’s been more than three months that the lad from Noida, Manveer Gurjar beat popular celebrity contestants and emerged as the winner of Bigg Boss, and while he has become accustomed to the new-found fame, his modest family is still having issues adjusting with the attention that his victory has brought along.

Manveer says the lives of his family members haven’t returned to normalcy since the win, and at times they feel his fame is more of a headache than anything else. “My family is stuck… because they still get calls and people keep coming to our house. My family is like kya galti si hi kardi ki kiya khudne aur bhugat hum rahein hain (It feels like a mistake that though he has won it, we are ones suffering). Whatever I have done so far, it’s for my parents. That will be my effort in the future also. I have made my dad known among the people and now I want people to know my brother or some other family member,” Manveer told

With so much attention around him, has the stardom rubbed on him? The newly-turned celebrity denied and said it will take a few TV shows and some Bollywood films to make him feel like a star. “I don’t feel like a star from within. Even now I take out my car go wherever I want to go. People stop me and talk to me that feels nice. To feel like a star I will have to do this show then two or three films maybe. But I think I will be the same even then.”

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Manveer is back on TV as a contestant on Fear Factor: Khatron Ke Khiladi season eight. Calling it the biggest opportunity to connect with his followers across the world, Manveer said, “I gave my 100 per cent to each and every task inside the Bigg Boss house and people saw what I did. I got tremendous response. People said that if I get Khatron Ke Khiladi I should take it up. And outside India, fans kept asking me when will we see you on TV. So this is the biggest opportunity to connect with both sets of fans.”

After Khatron Ke Khiladi, Manveer wants to venture into fiction on the small screen, while his ultimate wish is to star in Hindi films. “I want to do a Bollywood film and also try my hand at fiction show. I want to do shows that present me in positive light. It should be something, which goes with my image. I got a few offers for web series but I didn’t understand so, I didn’t do it. Also, quality work is important. I don’t want to jump into everything. I want to take it slow.”

His career might be moving on to bigger and better things, but what has remained unchanged are the friendships Manveer forged inside the Bigg Boss house. “I am not a social person but I am in touch with Manu (Punjabi), Mona Lisa, Nitibha (Kaul). In fact, my friendship with Manu is still the same. I know he is doing a show with MTV and I am very happy for him.”