Keith Sequeira: Bigg Boss helped Rochelle and me strengthen our relationship

Keith Sequeira: Bigg Boss helped Rochelle and me strengthen our relationship

Keith Sequeira and Rochelle Rao, who made their relationship official on Bigg Boss season 9, got engaged in 2017 and now, are all set to get married this year.

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Keith Sequeira spills some beans about his love life with Rochelle Rao.

The day of love is here and it’s only adding mushiness and romance all around. We got popular model-turned-actor Keith Sequeira to spill some beans about his love life with Rochelle Rao. The duo has been in a relationship for more than three years now and surprised everyone by officially announcing it when they entered the Bigg Boss house together in season 9. Having got engaged last year, the couple is set to get married this year. In an exclusive interview with, Keith bared his heart out on love, romance, marriage and more

Talking about his moment of love, the Love Ka Hai Intezaar actor, in an exclusive chat with, shared, “When I first met Rochelle, I got to know that she is a very transparent person, who has an extremely affectionate side to her. She is also a very fun person, and has a great sense of humour. So, it was over a period of time that we got to know each other well. We started off as great friends first, and that’s when I realized that it was my moment of love.”

While the couple had just started dating, they decided to test the water by entering Bigg Boss. What could have been a disastrous move for their relationship, their true emotions towards each other, brought them closer. Stating that the show, in fact, helped them strengthen their bond, Keith quipped, “Well Big Boss was the one place where we got to know the other side of each other, since we were forced to be living together for a long time, under extreme pressure. That was the one place were feelings were real, emotions were real, and in fact, quite compounded, and we actually did get to know each other’s true strengths and weaknesses. So yes, it eventually did help strengthen our bond, while being cut off from the rest of the world.”

Keith has never shied away from expressing his love for his lady love. We put him in a sticky space when we asked to share things he loves and hates about Rochelle. “The first thing that I love about Rochelle is that she is an emotional rock for me. It also helps that since we come from similar backgrounds, we understand each other better and so she just gets me, always. She is also a very spiritual being, which I really relate to. The one thing I don’t feel really helps her is that she is very emotionally vulnerable at times. It is good to be honest, but not very helpful in this day and age. However, it’s all a part of her! So, there isn’t anything that I don’t like about her.”



Adding that being from similar professional backgrounds have also helped their relationship, the Love Ka Hai Intezaar actor said, “It really helps to be in the same industry, as you tend to understand each other better. A partner from outside the industry would definitely have insecurities whilst not understanding how things work here. Situations are unusual at times. Insecurities tend to build up, timings are hectic etc, but since it all happens to both, we automatically tend to understand each other’s needs.”

The couple had announced their engagement around the same time last year. Talking about marriage plans, Keith quipped, “We have always said this that we will tie the knot sometime this year but haven’t zeroed upon a date.”

Lastly, when asked about his big plans for Valentine’s Day, the Calendar Girls actor said, “Well this Valentine’s Day, I am not too sure of what our plans are, so depending on the mood, we will do something. Well, to be honest, I want to surprise her as well as myself!”