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Friday, December 04, 2020

Kavita Kaushik: Eijaz Khan needs chamchas, not friends in Bigg Boss 14

Bigg Boss 14 evicted contestant Kavita Kaushik on her real equation with Eijaz Khan, facing criticism over her statements and what led to her early exit.

Written by Sana Farzeen | Mumbai | Updated: November 5, 2020 5:01:35 pm
kavita kaushik, bigg boss 14,Kavita Kaushik got evicted from Bigg Boss 14 on Monday. (Photo: Kavita Kaushik/Instagram)

“I am fine. I have always been feeling great,” remarked Kavita Kaushik, while talking about her exit from Bigg Boss 14. The FIR actor had entered the show recently as a wild card contestant. While many had bet on her to go a long way, her stint was cut short in just a week on Monday.

During her stay, Kavita showed her strong, opinionated side. She also came across as a strict taskmaster as she tried to discipline housemates as the captain. However, her journey would be mostly remembered for her showdown with co-contestant Eijaz Khan. Even before she stepped in the house, Eijaz had claimed that she was one of his closest friends. While the two initially shared a warm camaraderie, after Eijaz became the captain, his way of functioning led to a major argument between them. In a fit of rage, Kavita revealed that they have never been friends. Her comments that she had cooked for him during the lockdown and felt used by Eijaz in the game was not taken kindly by many.

Post her eviction, Kavita Kaushik, in an exclusive chat with, spoke about how she is laughing at the criticism that has come her way, her real equation with Eijaz and her short journey in Bigg Boss 14.

Excerpts from the conversation:

How did you react to your eviction?

Honestly, it’s Bigg Boss, and we are prepared for everything from the time we enter the house, A task, mid night eviction, anything can happen. Also, I had the sense that while there’s 24X7 content, only about an hour gets aired. With a lot not shown, only half truth reaches the audience, and that can affect your image and name. The only consolation I have right now is that I knew my truth, and now, I think the entire house and audiences have also seen it. In the next episode only, they were seen saying that Kavita’s reaction was kind of justified.

But don’t you think it was unfair that the audience did not get to see what transpired between you and Eijaz that led to the reaction?

That’s what created the drama, isn’t it? If they had shown everything, it would have been boring. Honestly, I don’t blame the audience as they don’t understand these things but I am laughing at these so-called celebs who are trying to gain their two-minutes of fame through this. They are the ones who don’t even care about people around them and are now pointing fingers at me. We all know how the industry works and I am sure, when something good happens, they will come ahead congratulating me. In today’s world, I have realised that nothing is real – neither the appreciation, nor the trolls.

A photo of you and Eijaz has surfaced on social media. What is the truth about your equation with Eijaz?

If you indulge in a social media banter or click a picture with someone to post on social media, do you think they become your friends. I have worked with some wonderful people but I can’t call them my friends. I had worked long back with Eijaz in Kya Hoga Nimmo Ka, and then last year, I met him while working for a dog shelter. Meeting him after years, we shared our ups and downs, and I happened to share the same with my husband. So this year in February, when he was planning my birthday, he called him too. It was pleasant to meet him. We took pictures and had fun. And then the next month the lockdown was announced. And everyone was feeling off during that period and I had called a lot of my single friends to check on how they are surviving without house helps around. I had a few fun chats with Eijaz, so I called him too. He told me how he likes what all I cook, having seen it on social media. My point back then was that even though you were not a good friend, out of love and respect, I reached out to you. And that is what hurt me a lot.

Go on…

See, the fact is that Eijaz doesn’t need love or friendship. He is very capable of surviving. All he needed in the house were chamchas (sidekicks). I soon realised he was not being a friend. He was not even a normal person. There is this junoon (obsession) in him, and it irritated the hell out of me. He needed validation every time, and he tried to make me his chamcha too. You all have seen how he is behaving in the past few days. He got a girl to wash his underwear, giving gifts to people who are pampering him. That’s not how a captain should work. There are so many things that you haven’t seen, and I don’t blame the channel for it, as this is what creates drama. We know what we are getting in from day one. However, all I expect is that people should have some sense before giving their two cents on anything.

Also, you ruffled quite a lot of feathers when you entered the show as a captain. Do you think you would’ve had a different journey if you didn’t start at a leader level?

Absolutely. However, you should know that everything happens to create drama in the show. I have such an intimidating personality that people get scared even if I am going to hug them, or feel I am scolding them while I am pulling a joke. So they played with that and made me the captain, and I am okay with it. My only issue is how that one line of lockdown mein khilaya (fed him during lockdown) has been misinterpreted. That’s stupid. Pavitra Punia, who was calling my actions cheap, mentioned cooking for him while bawling over him not supporting her. And may be out of this concern, I had spoken to her but she took that differently too. And now her reactions are for everyone to see where she is running to hit him on national television.

If you could go back, would you have played the game differently?

Maybe then, I would have made some other mistake. My problem is that I cannot be fake, calculative or manipulative. And a real person often gets misunderstood. When you feel betrayed, sometimes what you say may not exactly be framed in the best way and it can get misinterpreted. But I know there is still goodness in my heart. I still don’t hate Eijaz, and I feel he has the potential to get so much love. Why I am saying he is not my friend again and again is only because when you are this obsessive, you can cause harm to others and yourself. And I don’t want to be held responsible for anything silly he does inside or outside the show. His PR team may keep digging out old posts and pictures but the truth remains I don’t know him on personal grounds. Whoever calls him their friends, please be there and give him the validation that he needs all the time.

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In hindsight, what do you think was responsible for your early exit?

My goodness. I should have been mean, diplomatic and faked a smile throughout. I should not have been so real and vocal about my feelings. The day I realised he is so obsessive, I should have kept my distance, and stayed artificial.

Anyone in the house, who you would want to be friends with?

Jasmin Bhasin.

And someone you don’t think you would want to meet again?

Eijaz Khan.

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