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Kasautii Zindagii Kay: Hina Khan tries hard to be the new Komolika, but lacks originality

Kasautii Zindagii Kay reboot stars Hina Khan as the new Komolika. The Ekta Kapoor show had Hina making her big entry on Monday leaving fans nostalgic and comparing her version with the original character played by Urvashi Dholakia.

hina khan plays komolika in kasautii
Hina Khan plays Komolika in the reboot of Kasautii Zindagii Kay, which was originally played by Urvashi Dholakia.

Bindi, check. Bangles, check. Flying hair, check. Men falling, check… If you thought iconic characters cannot be recreated, well, Ekta Kapoor just did. She brought back probably Indian television’s most popular vamps – Komolika, on the small screen in the most dramatic manner. In what looked like a carbon copy of original actor Urvashi Dholakia’s entry scene in Kasautii Zindagii Kay way back in 2001, Hina Khan tried hard, really hard, to match the oomph and mischievous panache of the character. Hina debuted as Komolika in the reboot of the iconic show on Monday night.

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In the episode, Hina is dressed in a lehenga-choli, with open hair, heavy jewellery, and loud make-up. She is someone who expects men to notice her whenever she is around. To test that, she even watches them pounce on her handkerchief which got dropped mistakenly. But, haven’t we seen this handkerchief trick before? Ofcourse, Bollywood being its biggest promoter. This show surely needs some original writing. But wait, it is a reboot after all!

Moving on, there is one guy (Anurag) who just doesn’t pay heed to Komolika’s trick. Like a flash, he crosses by without acknowledging her. And there you go again. Komolika says – “Kaun hai yeh jisne Komolika ko palat ke nahi dekha? Who is he?” Now, have we heard even this before? Only if it did not remind us of Kareena Kapoor’s Poo in Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham. Where are this show’s writers?

Watch | Hina Khan as Komolika


Hina is trying to emulate Urvashi in every way possible. From her pout to her highlighted cheekbones, from her rolling the strand of hair to even rolling her eyes, it looks like she has to pass an exam by copy-pasting what we have all seen before. The camera pans and zooms and tilts and dances around every inch of Hina, like it did for Urvashi too.

To top it all, the makers played the original “Nikaa” tune in the background. This music gave a high dose of nostalgia which quickly teleported us to the bygone era, making us realise why its peppy beats were perhaps the only remarkable and best thing about Hina’s entire entry shot. Old is gold, always!

hina khan and urvashi dholakia komolika
Hina Khan has adapted all major highlights of Urvashi Dholakia’s portrayal of Komolika, like the rolling of her hair strand.

While in the original series, Urvashi enters the show when Mohini is looking for a bride of her choice for her son Anurag, whose growing proximity with Prerna is a matter of concern for her. She calls in the stylish and suave Komolika, whose signature is her gajra, bindi and the noodle-strap blouse. She is everything, unlike the somber Prerna.

Cut to the reboot and the setting is the engagement ceremony of Prerna and Naveen, where Anurag is planning to avert it all by making some revelations about the groom-to-be. He is unsure of his love for Prerna, but knows that this marriage shouldn’t happen. And amid all this tension which remains layered below the apparent celebrations of the engagement, arrives Hina, aka the new-age Komolika.

Watch | Urvashi Dholakia’s entry scene as Komolika

For those who’ve seen Kasautii Zindagii Kay in the early 2000s would know how Urvashi’s character altered the course of the plot, bringing numerous twists and turns and making the life of the two love-birds, change forever. In short, she was the sweet poison any Ekta Kapoor show would need to ensure it soars on the TRP charts. The makers of the new Kasautii aim to do exactly that. But this was a little too much of a déjà vu.

After playing Akshara for eight years, we hope Hina is able to get into the Komolika mould with a little more originality in the upcoming episodes. Because Urvashi will always remain our original Komolika!