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Karan Singh Grover on wife Bipasha Basu’s feedback on his work: ‘She has no filters, she says it as it is’

Karan Singh Grover speaks about one quality of wife Bipasha Basu's he would like to inculcate, returning as Asad Ahmed Khan in Qubool Hai 2.0, and his painting exhibition that got postponed due to the lockdown in 2020.

Karan Singh Grover on how Bipasha BasuKaran Singh Grover on that one quality of wife Bipasha Basu he would like to adopt. (Photo: Karan Singh Grover/Instagram)

Karan Singh Grover is overwhelmed with the audience love he is getting for going back to playing the fan favourite character of Asad Ahmed Khan in his latest web series – Qubool Hai 2.0. The television show, which first aired in 2012, got a sequel which is currently streaming on ZEE5.

In an Instagram live session with, KSG got candid about the audience reaction on seeing him reprising his character in a completely new set-up and world, quality he’d like to inculcate from wife Bipasha Basu, and his painting exhibition that got postponed due to the lockdown in 2020.

Here are excerpts from the interaction:

How has the audience been to Qubool Hai 2.0?

Fans don’t shy away from showing their love. Qubool Hai 2.0 got appreciated by so many people. You don’t realise that sometimes, you put in so much of you in a project because you love it so much. And then getting the same love from the people watching it, is heavenly.

I’m not a good actor. I have to actually become the character. And Asad is somebody I’ve worked really hard on. He’s at opposite end of the spectrum. So when I did it for more than a year (in TV show), he stayed with me. As soon as I got to know about Qubool Hai 2.0, Asad was out, and said “okay you (Karan) sit now, I’ll take care.” Asad has evolved, because the audience themselves have evolved. We’re all kind of growing and evolving together.


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What’s been the best compliment you received for the show?

Somebody told me that they loved my micro expressions. Asad has layers. So, if somebody’s catching that, it’s good. Whenever I do any character, they break it down because they know I broke it down. I do it because it’s my job. But if they do it, it means they put a lot of effort and attention into it.

You play an action avatar, a shooter’s role. Did your aim improve post the show?

I remember in school, I played Arjun on stage. That time my aim was not very good at all, because the arrow went far away. But for Qubool Hai, somehow the training was meditative because every movement is related to breath. So, you have to be very careful when you’re breathing and your stance. I realised even though we think we’re still, we’re actually moving. The time between the inhalation and exhalation, that’s the time to aim.

What’s you favourite scene from Qubool Hai 2.0?


The one in the car, where I come out of it and shoot, and also the Asad and Zoya meeting.

What was Bipasha’s reaction to the show?

She said it’s good, you’re good. It’s looking good and it’s been shot well.

Do you guys talk work at home? Or does Bipasha give you any work related advice?


We do talk about work. Everyone should have somebody like her in their lives. We all have filters, so that we don’t really say something that would hurt the other person. She doesn’t have that. She will just say it the way it is. It’s very important because it gives you a reality check. There’s no criticising her work because she’s excellent at it. I take a lot of advice for her. I’m lucky like that.


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What’s that one quality you’d like to inculcate from Bipasha?

The way she always thinks of everyone and is aware of everyone and sends enough love to everyone all the time and does everything for everyone. It’s unfathomable.

You’ve been experimenting with your roles off late, be it grey shades in Hate Story 3 or Mr Bajaj in Kasautii Zindagii Kay. Is it difficult to do all of it almost at the same time?

If I’m playing two characters at the same time, it gets a little tricky. This happened to me when I was doing Kasautii and Boss at the same time. Both are very different characters. So I remember the director of Kasautii would shout “Bajaj” if I was not being into the zone. Then, when I went to shoot the promo of Boss, I kept getting distracted into being Bajaj. Then you also have to be yourself in the middle. So, that got mixed up. It’s difficult.

What do you remember of the first time you faced the camera?


I used to be, and sometime I still am, very cocky. And I like making fun of people. That’s what I was doing before my first shot, and then my shot came. I took 27 takes to do it. I got abused by my creative director. She said I kept making fun of everyone, and now what was I doing. I couldn’t even say Mumbai. I said Bumba every time.


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Your much awaited painting exhibition got postponed because of the lockdown last year. When do we get to see the artistic side of you?

I was supposed to have my exhibition last March, but because of the world closing down, we couldn’t do it. But I guess the good thing that happened was there’s an international gallery that signed to represent me. During the lockdown I made 15-16 new pieces. Maybe I’ll have the exhibition in September now. This might be an online thing. The website is


Lastly, if Dill Mill Gayye is remade or revived, would you like to return as Dr Armaan Malik?

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