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Karan Patel: Love Bigg Boss as a viewer but can never participate in the show

Karan Patel believes Karanvir Bohra in Bigg Boss 12 will turn out to be one of the best contestants. The actor said he also likes Dipika Kakar.

karan patel on salman khan host show bigg boss
Karan Patel was part of Bigg Boss 12 as the sanchalak of a task.

While Karan Patel hasn’t yet participated in Bigg Boss, his presence has always added drama in the Salman Khan hosted show. Recently, the actor was part of Bigg Boss 12 as the sanchalak of a task. The Yeh Hai Mohabbatein actor confessed that he enjoys coming on Bigg Boss as a special guest.

“As an audience, I love watching Bigg Boss. And it’s always good to be a judge and enjoy all the masala and drama from outside,” Karan said in an exclusive chat with indianexpress.com.

And when we quizzed him whether we will get to ever see him as a contestant, he smiled to say, “No, never. Humse na ho payega (Won’t be able to do it). Na baba, kabhi nahi.”

While Karan Patel shared that it was an enjoyable experience, he shared that it’s too early to decode the contestants of this season. “It was a short time in the house but it was super fun. Everyone is brilliant in themselves. But it’s only the start, we will have to wait and watch. I must add that the makers manage to find some interesting personalities every year. It’s a great mix of contestants. Some are great, others good while few are bad also. But it takes all kind to make a successful casting.”


Talking about his favourite contestant, the 41-year-old shared, “It’s really difficult to judge at such a short notice. But I will be a little biased and pick my friend Karanvir Bohra. He is a gem of a person and will turn out to be a great contestant. Among the celebs, I also liked Dipika Kakar. And overall, I think Deepak Thakur is a superb character. He is amazing and I think he is someone to watch out for.”

Karan further stated that the theme of ‘vichitra jodi’ is an experiment which will take time to show results. However, he shared that the commoners vs celebs concept has been garnering more eyeballs for Bigg Boss. “With commoners in the show, it makes it more relatable to the audience. Also, it’s always interesting to see your favourite stars bonding with normal people. It just makes it more entertaining,” he concluded.

Bigg Boss 12 airs every day at 9 pm on Colors.