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Kapil Sharma on social media trolls: Constructive criticism is welcome but not negativity

Actor-comedian Kapil Sharma says he is 'little scared as negativity sells more these days.'

kapil sharma
Kapil Sharma is currently hosting The Kapil Sharma Show. (Photo: Kapil Sharma/ Instagram)

Kapil Sharma continues to make the audience laugh through The Kapil Sharma Show. But personally, the funny man saw a tough time last year. He had a fall-out with his co-star Sunil Grover, his show ended and his production venture also tanked at the box office. “It is the love of fans that keeps you going,” shared Kapil Sharma at FICCI Frames 2019 while talking about what it takes to rise from failures.

The actor-comedian was in conversation with Shilpa Shetty and Viraf Phiroz Patel. Kapil and Shilpa opened up about their careers and how the love of the audience keeps them motivated throughout.

As the floor was opened to the audience, indianexpress.com asked Kapil if inaccessibility and not being social in the industry affects his work and image in any way. The comedian said, “It would be wrong to say I am not accessible to anyone in the media. I have met a few of them personally and have even exchanged numbers. But yes, I am a little scared as negativity sells more these days. Today, these web portals publish such misleading headlines, while in the article, there is no content. They follow you on Twitter and if you say something, they immediately publish it. Gone are the days when journalists would work hard for days for a story. The media for me is a very strong pillar, but I feel the standard and authenticity is dying. I am still very open with journalists who I trust. But I am not and never will be accessible to a certain section of the media.”

“As for socially not being active, I am fun when I meet people. But I am not someone who attends too many parties. You will never see me there. I can’t understand what people discuss in darkness and such loud music (laughs). These events might be good for marketing yourself. But I can’t do that,” he added.

Talking further about social media trolls, Kapil shared, “There are three kinds of followers you have – fans, fans who are also critics and the velle (useless) ones. While I appreciate constructive criticism, the third breed has no job but to just spread negativity. Today, with free data available, people are always on the phone and don’t even give a second thought while talking nonsense on social media. Honestly, my first reaction is to give it back to them. I would end up fighting with them initially, but now I let it go. There is no point giving in to these trolls.”

When another journalist asked Kapil if he has become conscious after all the controversies in his life, he said, “I feel it is all part and parcel of your life. Every human being has issues in their personal and professional life. And I consider myself no different. But when you are a public figure, things get publicised. Even people want to know more about them. As a celebrity, we have a certain responsibility. I am learning the ropes. Honestly, I haven’t changed but have definitely become a little conscious. But I think I will be back to my old self. A person cannot change. I am trying to be a little mature on social media. (Laughs) Baki dhanda accha chal raha (Rest, work is going good).