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Kabir Sadanand: Why is it that when it comes to a woman, not being a virgin is such a huge issue?

Kabir Sadanand, the man behind Fugly and Married Woman Diaries is coming up with yet another web series presented by Sony LIV titled, Virgin Woman Diaries. The actor-director explains how he arrived at this concept for his web series, and about digital platform.

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Kabir Sadanand speaks about his new web series titled Virgin Women Diaries.

Kabir Sadanand who shot to fame with TV series Family No. 1, and then directed films like Fugly, recently ventured into the digital space. He gave us Married Woman Diaries, then he made a short film titled Life Fu*k$, and now he has come up with yet another freshly brewed web-series. He is questioning the hypocritical mind-set of the society with his latest web-series – Virgin Woman Diaries.

Here’s an excerpt from the conversation with the actor-filmmaker:

How did Virgin Woman Diaries happen?

About three years back, we decided to invest our time in the online space. This is because we wanted to know what works internationally as well as here, because online space doesn’t only cater to the local viewership. A lot of our viewership comes from many different countries, this we observed with our first series titled Married Woman Diaries. When we had first approached Sony LIV with our Married Woman Diaries’ script, they were a little skeptical, of course because we were trying to do something totally different, but because it worked out, they were more welcoming this time.

Why a series on virginity of a woman?

Both these series are made to echo the mind of a woman. It was made to directly amplify a woman’s story in a relationship. So, we were wondering what to do, and then we thought how virginity is a major discussion in our community, but also how it is given so much preference. Who defines virginity? Why is it that when it comes to a woman, not being a virgin is such a huge issue, and at the same time if a guy is not a virgin, he is a stud?


We wanted to showcase these issues, at the same time we didn’t want to preach to the audience. We wanted them to have fun instead, and take back what we were trying to say. So many people get their daughters married at eighteen, just because of the ‘special moment’.

How important is the digital platform for today’s consumers?

It’ll take years for people to realise what is wrong and what is right. So, we want to influence people in some way or the other. Why should it be a taboo to discuss sex? We come from the land of Kamasutra. I don’t know why the double standards. And, the most number of sexual assault against women happen in India. And it is because people don’t understand consent and people don’t understand that when a woman says no, she means a no.

In some way, we want to make this dialogue easy. Amit Behl and Delnaz Irani play parents to Archita Agarwal. Through the parents we are trying to convey a message that kids have opinions and they should be encouraged to talk.

Would you say that the digital space is the next big thing today?

There is a huge viewership on the digital platform. With the response we are getting, we are seeing a trend that there is a growing audience for sure. The digital medium is the future. Maximum time people spend today is on their phones. The whole idea of women spending time in front of the idiot box (television) is changing. Women are far more successful today and far more focused than men, to a great extent. So India is catching up with the digital world. The west has already caught up. I feel with the internet taking up so much in our lives, it is important that we come up with content for the internet that is entertaining, and not as commercial as mainstream.