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Wednesday, November 25, 2020

Hamariwali Good News has a very positive and unique concept: Juhi Parmar

Actor Juhi Parmar on the unique concept of her new show Hamariwali Good News where a mother-in-law carries a child for her daughter-in-law,

Written by Sana Farzeen | Mumbai | Updated: October 22, 2020 12:29:38 pm
Juhi Parmar Hamariwali Good NewsHamariwali Good News airs Monday-Saturday, 7:30 pm on Zee TV. (Photo: PR Handout)

Zee TV’s latest offering Hamariwali Good News has a mother-in-law choosing to carry a child for her daughter-in-law. While Juhi Parmar plays the mother-in-law Renuka, Srishti Jain is seen as her daughter-in-law Navya. Apart from Parmar and Jain, the show also stars Shakti Anand and Raghav Tiwari.

In an exclusive interview with, Juhi Parmar opened up about the unique concept of the show, shooting during the pandemic and more.

Here are excerpts from the conversation:

What was your first reaction to the concept of Hamariwali Good News?

I like the concept of the show. It is one which has never been showcased before on screen, and something I too have not worked on. So, I was really very happy to take it up.

Tell us more about the character that you are playing in the show.

Renuka is a strong headed, grounded, god fearing housewife who can go to any lengths for her family’s happiness. She proves so when she agrees to bear a child for her daughter-in-law.

While it’s an interesting story on paper, do you think the audience will accept such a bold subject?

I honestly don’t feel that this is a bold show, but rather it’s a very positive and unique concept. Also, I feel that audiences now are definitely progressive and are open to watching and accepting new content on screen. I can assure the audience that what we will showcase is going to be in positive light. Hence, I am quite certain that our show will be enjoyed by viewers.

Do you think a family would be comfortable watching this show together? Would you watch it with your daughter?

Though I am very restrictive with Samairra when it comes to watching television in general, if I had to watch this show with her, I would do so. Moreover, I would be happy to explain the whole concept of uplifting another woman, which is much needed for people to see in this day and age. Also I am someone who has always taken up work which I can watch with my family. This is definitely a family drama, which everyone can watch together, as it beautifully showcases the bond of a family.

Such subjects might be criticised by a section. As a team, are you all worried about the trolling?

Nowadays I feel that anything and everything is being picked up by trolls, but that should not stop us from creating and being a part of new and different content.

Personally, what is your opinion on surrogacy, especially when a woman in the same family is carrying the child?

I think it’s a very personal matter, and honestly I am no one to comment on this right now.

You had spoken about your daughter being apprehensive about you stepping out for work during the pandemic. What’s the situation now and how are you managing with all the extra precautions to follow?

Yes, initially Samairra was apprehensive about me stepping out, but now when she sees me going to shoot, she’s a lot more at ease. She also understands the importance of me going to work. The only challenge right now is that I cannot help her with her online classes which requires an adult’s assistance. But my parents are doing that, and are at home with her to take care of all her needs which I am eternally grateful for. Precaution wise, our onset team is ensuring that regular sanitisation and oxygen and temperature checks are conducted. Also, wearing a mask in between shots is mandatory for everybody now.

You made a strong comeback post your maternity break. However, as an actor, how satisfied do you feel with the kind of roles offered to you? Were you comfortable playing a mom on screen?

When a woman with a corporate job gets married, does her career get affected? She goes on a maternity break when she has a child and then resumes work. No one says it’s a ‘comeback’. These are terminologies used in our industry. Acting is like any other job. For me, a role is not in relation to whether she’s a mother, sister, daughter or wife. I am playing a specific character and this specific relationship is a part of her personality but not the only thing.

Lastly, what can we expect from Hamariwali Good News?

The show is all set to bring smiles on everybody’s faces with the lovely family bond that is going to be projected. Hopefully, it would also be an inspiration for women to help and uplift other women.

Hamariwali Good News airs Monday-Saturday, 7:30 pm on Zee TV.

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