Ishq Subhan Allah actor Adnan Khan: Our primary concern is to empower women through the show

In an exclusive conversation with, Ishq Subhan Allah actor Adnan Khan stated that he is enjoying the long hours of work. The actor also added that the sole reason he took up the show was because of its concept.

Written by Sana Farzeen | Mumbai | Published: March 29, 2018 10:32:11 pm
Ishq Subhan Allah actor Adnan Khan Ishq Subhan Allah airs Monday-Friday, 10 pm on Zee TV.

Zee TV’s Ishq Subhan Allah is making headlines again. After the controversies surrounding it died down, the new wave of discussion about the show has been full of praises. Lead actors Adnan Khan and Eisha Singh are being lauded for pulling off strong characters and the storyline too has been appreciated. In an exclusive conversation with, Adnan stated that he is enjoying the long hours of work. The actor also added that the sole reason he took up the show was because of its concept.

“I will be brutally honest. When I heard the script, I realised it is one of the best subjects that can be made into a television show. Not many dare to pick up such relevant topics. Being a Muslim myself, I thought it is a great chance to shut down some pre-conceived notions and show the real facts to the world. Also, we haven’t yet seen a Maulvi (religious leader) playing the protagonist. My character Kabir might be a follower of all religious scriptures but he is living in 2018, and believes in progression. Lastly, I had heard a lot of praises about my co-star Eisha Singh and the writers. So more than taking up the show, it was all about grabbing it,” shared Adnan.

When asked if he and the team were being careful and cautious about the scripts, the actor quipped, “It is a sensitive subject and a very difficult one but the team has done thorough research. Since there are not many Muslim based shows, we knew we would be under the scanner. And trust me, even I was anxious to know how things would pan out. When I met our writer (Danish Jawed), all my fears were gone. He has studied so much about the subject that during few meetings, I learnt so much. The script has been only dealt with facts and not drama. Once people start watching the show, they would know that it’s written beautifully.”

As readers would know, Ishq Subhan Allah will discuss the pertinent subject of Triple Talaq. Adnan further shared that the focus would be on a much bigger cause. “Dealing with Triple Talaq would be an important part but our primary concern is to empower women through the show. One who knows the religion will understand that Islam preaches equality of women but people have forgotten the principles.”

The young man, who hails from Dubai, has strong opinions about Triple Taraq. “The prevalent practice is really sad as not everyone realises that the scriptures say that talaq can only happen over a period of time and not just by uttering it thrice. Marriage is a holy constitution and the most beautiful institution between a man and a woman. It’s unethical to call it off in a fit of rage or selfish motives, at one go. I think it’s terrible to breakup on phone or messages. Divorce is a complete no.”

Talking about his parents and his background, the actor shared, “We are based in Dubai and I was working as an HR manager, which I was not quite enjoying (smiles). I have always been creatively inclined and one day as I was watching the film Seven Pounds, and it struck me that I want to be an actor. Now there, people don’t usually harbor dreams of becoming an actor but I shared my thoughts with my friend Vicky, who was really supportive. Gathering courage, I then informed my parents, who thought I was joking with them. Knowing that I might not manage and come back, they did allow me to come to Mumbai, and it’s been four years now.”

“Dad unfortunately passed away sometime back. My mother isn’t too keen as she feels the entertainment industry will spoil her son. So when I signed the show, she was only happy that I got a job finally (laughs). But yes, my aunt, cousins and other family members are super proud, and happy about it. The journey towards the show has been a learning experience. I don’t like calling it a struggle, and now, I am sure it will only move higher. As for Mumbai, comparing it with Dubai, it is back by years, but it has a soul that just connects with you. I am also in love with industry and its phenomenal reach. So my work makes me wake up each day joyfully,” Adnan concluded with a smile.

Ishq Subhan Allah airs Monday-Friday, 10 pm on Zee TV.

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