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Wednesday, October 20, 2021

Happy Friendship Day: TV stars share their craziest memories with BFFs

All of us have that one embarrassing and crazy memory with our friends that evokes laughter any day. As the world celebrates Friendship Day, spoke to popular TV celebrities and got them spilling out their insanely fun stories with us. While one got caught by a cop with his friend, the other tried hooking up her friend with a guy. Read on to know some crazy secrets of these actors.

Written by Sana Farzeen | Mumbai |
August 6, 2017 10:24:11 am
happy friendship day, Vivek Dahiya, shantanu maheshwari, dil dosti dance, tina dutta, aneri desai, keith sequira, keith sequira relationship, gautam rode, aashka goradia, anuj sachdeva Happy Friendship Day: From Vivek Dahiya to Tina Dutta, here are celebs who are celebrating Friendship Day.

“Har ek friend kamina hota hai…” when Ali Zafar sang the song teasing his friends in Chashme Baddoor, we wonder if he knew that the song would resonate with us. Friends are not just our constant companion and a person who we open our heart too, they are also the ones with whom we can have the craziest times. A meme on the internet rightly states, “The person who bails you out of jail is a friend, but your best friend is the one sitting beside you behind the bars.” As the world celebrates Friendship Day today, spoke to popular TV celebrities about the stars’ wild memories with their friends. It might have been scary and embarrassing then, but brings a smile when they reminisce about their old days. So, read on to know more about your favourite stars and their camaraderie with friends.

Vivek Dahiya: I have been friends with Raza for more than a decade now. We have spent some wonderful times together but there’s this one time when he acted like a true kamina, though we laugh about it now. During our university days, I was a hyperactive person and one day I decided to climb up a tree in the vicinity. Though I managed to reach the top, I did not know how to get down. Raza, who was finding the whole scenario hilarious, called the fire brigade to aid me. It was so embarrassing when the uniformed officers rescued me from the tree top. And funnily, he had also summoned an ambulance in case I jumped and got injured.

shantanu maheshwari, shantanu maheshwari television shows, shantanu maheshwari dance

Shantanu Maheshwari: My friendship with Macedon Dmello, who I worked with in Dil Dostii Dance and the World of Dance competition, goes long back to my college days. We have had some amazing times and memories through our college days, and one memory I will forever cherish is when we had to dress up as girls for a dance competition! We were dressed in female costumes with brooms in our hand and it was hilarious. We both pulled each other’s legs and had a great time together.

tina dutta, tina dutta show, tina dutta news

Tina Dutta: I love my best friend Aneri Desai. With her, I can share every little secret, laugh and cry and just be me. The only time we have an awkwardness is when I put her in a spot in front of a guy she’s crushing on. I also try hooking her up with guys, and whenever I do that, she gives me those murderous looks. But all in fun, for she knows I really love her a lot.

keith sequira, keith sequira pictures, keith sequira relationship

Keith Sequeira: When I was back in my school in Delhi, we had some good times and memories which I will forever cherish! One of them is the time when my closest friend Manish Katiyal and I had along with two other boys, bunked high school to go watch a matinee show of a Shah Rukh Khan film, and grab some beers! But on reaching the theater we, unfortunately, bumped into one of our school teachers, who was also catching the same show! Only we know how we had managed to get out of that confusion! But when Manish and I look back at that time now, we know we really have some awesome memories to keep forever!

gautam rhode, gautam rhode picture

Gautam Rode: There was this one time when my best friend Nigaar Khan was new to driving. Just after a few driving lessons, she decided to take me out for a drive. Sitting on the passenger seat, I was screaming with fear for I had no confidence at her being a driver then. I was so paranoid that I made her stop the car in the middle of the road causing a traffic jam and got her off the wheel. She still hasn’t forgiven me for embarrassing her and for not being supportive to a learner.

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Aashka Goradia: My friendship with Dolly has grown over the years. There is this super crazy incident between us that we still laugh about. We had decided to go for a movie next day but Dolly mistakenly booked the tickets for the same day. I was on the other side of the town, almost 30 km away, and had to drive to the theater within 45 minutes. Though the movie wasn’t that great, it’s probably the most memorable movie we’ve seen together.

Vikkas Manaktala: So, I was bunking tuitions classes with my best friend ‘Bawa’ from Delhi, and was stopped by a traffic cop for a routine check. The cop asked me for RC, and I responded with a yes. As I turned, I see my friend sweating profusely assuming that the cop is asking for a bribe. He mistook RC as the whiskey brand, not realising the cop asked for the registration certificate. Apart from dealing with the cop and my paranoid friend, I was also worried about our families getting to know we bunked our class. What a crazy day it was!


Anuj Sachdeva: I once tried fooling my friend Kunal Vohra and it was hilarious. I asked my house help to inform him that I have fainted suddenly at home. I recorded the video when he rushed home and the song ‘April fool banaya’ started playing. He was so furious with me as he had got really scared getting to know that I fainted. It’s the funniest memory I have with Kunal.

Happy Friendship Day! Do share your crazy stories with your friends in the comment box below.

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