Gaurav Gera speaks about his Chutki-Shopkeeper videos and why he likes competition

Gaurav Gera speaks about his Chutki-Shopkeeper videos and why he likes competition

Actor Gaurav Gera, the man behind the Chutki and Shopkeeper videos became a household name due to his funny gags that flooded the internet.

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Gaurav Gera played Mona Singh’s friend Nandu in Jassi Jaisi Koi Nahi. He shot to fame with his Chutki-Shopkeeper videos on the internet.

It was a lazy Friday afternoon. I was scrolling through my Facebook as a usual routine when I saw a ‘Chutki Shopkeeper’ video by Gaurav Gera. I clicked on the page and realised that it is Gaurav’s birthday and I wished him. He replied back and then I thought of speaking to him about his super talent of entertaining people.

In no time Gaurav has a great fan following and the numbers are only increasing. From being a true friend in Jassi Jaisi Koi Nai to Chutki, it was a long journey but his friendly, down to earth approach helped him in wooing many hearts. He rules the internet with his amazing videos. Gaurav decided to take a break from the soaps. “I don’t have the temperament to work in the  soaps. I started making videos six years ago but that time I didn’t get a great response, probably it was before time, so I stopped. I got busy with a musical play in Delhi. Somehow, I always had an inclination to do it, so after a long break, I again made a video in 2015. To my surprise, I got a better response to my Chutki-Suyash acts. In April, I introduced a new character called ‘Shopkeeper’ and this is what gave it a new kick,” Gaurav said about his journey and success.

Gaurav believes that a shopkeeper plays a very important role and thus helped people to relate to the character. Chutki, on the other hand, is a likeable girl with some amazing fantasies. Gaurav not only acts in these videos but also manages the script. “I take references from daily life or from jokes that I have heard.” Gaurav is the man behind Chutki’s disastrous, yet pleasing makeup. “The red lipstick somehow attracts viewers, and my purpose is half solved. The rest I manage with my expressions. At times I don’t even change clothes, just a wig and that amazing red lipstick is enough to bring the change in characters,” says Gaurav.

Watch Gaurav Gera’s Shopkeeper and Chutki compilation.

We have seen many other similar videos after Chutki became viral. Expecting a serious answer, I asked Gaurav about how he manages such competition. To my surprise, he said, “I like it. It feels good when people get inspired by you. I always encourage new talent and ask them to post such videos. Everybody is talented and they should not wait for a break, rather should shoot and post.”


“Different people have different sensibilities. If I do not like a video that doesn’t mean others will also not like it. My responsibility should be that I should not share it further. Even I have to be careful, though my humour is not about hurting the other person or bringing them down. I feel that viewers should also be responsible,” says our very own Chutki while talking about censorship and comedy.

People recognise him as Shopkeeper and Chutki now and his popularity is going higher. He feels happy and proud. “I still feel that it has to reach out to a lot of people. I have to work hard and make it bigger. People have accepted it as a new form of entertainment. I get a lot of messages from Kenya, Australia, UK and it encourages me and motivates me,” says Gaurav.