Game of Thrones Season 7 Episode 7 preview: Get ready for monumental clash between major power players

Game of Thrones Season 7 Episode 7 preview: After capturing a wight, all the major players are heading to King's Landing including Jon Snow, Tyrion Lannister and others. While Daenerys Targaryen is altogether missing from the show, we wonder what Sansa is upto.

Written by Shivangi Jalan | New Delhi | Updated: August 22, 2017 4:12:43 pm
jon snow, game of thrones, game of thrones season 7, game of thrones episode 7 Game of Thrones Season 7 Episode 7 preview: The teaser of the ultimate episode from the season is out.

With only one episode left in Game of Thrones’ seventh season, we are expecting nothing less than 81 minutes of bloody battles and epic encounters. And judging by the latest trailer, it looks like the episode is going to meet our expectations.

The last episode Beyond The Wall saw Jon Snow capture a wight for Cersei Lannister and almost every major player in Westeros is headed to King’s Landing for a meeting with the Queen of the Seven Kingdoms, Cersei Lannister.

From Jon Snow to Tyrion Lannister, the teaser shows almost everyone entering what appears to be the Dragonpit, a coliseum-like structure that was once used to stable dragons. Well, major face-off alert, the three Lannister kids, Cersei, Jaime and Tyrion appear face-to-face for the first time after Tyrion killed their father. And although Daenerys is missing from the teaser, we are sure she has a smashing role to play here. Maybe, she enters later.

While Greyworm is leading the Unsullied, looks like the Dothraki are joining hands to attack Highgarden. Lady of the North Sansa Stark is at Winterfell but things look fishy. Why the hood? Our money is on a leading character’s death. Not Arya, please! But after their heated tiff in the previous episodes and Lord Baelish’s cunning presence, it’s hard to believe that things won’t go south in the North.

In the last scene, Jon Snow says what he has almost been saying constantly since many episodes, “There’s only one war that matters and it is here.”

With somber music and just one dialogue, the trailer is heart-pounding and is already giving us goosebumps. Game of Thrones Season 7 airs in India on Star World and Star World HD every Tuesday at 11 PM.

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