They brought Jon Snow back. I’d like to see Ned Stark resurrected too: Game of Thrones actor Sean Bean

They brought Jon Snow back. I’d like to see Ned Stark resurrected too: Game of Thrones actor Sean Bean

Sean bean will be playing Father Michael Kerrigan in BBC1’s potent new six-part drama titled Broken.

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Actor Sean Bean says he was delighted to be offered the role of Father Michael Kerrigan in Broken.

Sean Bean has died on the screen an eye-watering 25 times. He has been flung from a satellite dish in Goldeneye, bombarded with arrows in The Lord of the Rings and beheaded in Game of Thrones.

Sean bean, best known as Ned Stark on American fantasy show GoT has perished so many times onscreen that his character in any given drama comes with an invariably spoiler alert. That’s not all, his deaths in most of his shows have even led to the creation of a website by his fans. It’s name itself urges the makes of his shows as the title reads – Further more, a compilation of his most memorable deaths stands at over two million viewers on YouTube.

So when Sean bean was offered his latest role as Father Michael Kerrigan, the actor says he was delighted. He plays a compassionate priest who isn’t under threat of a cruel and unusual death. Instead he cares for an impoverished community in Broken, BBC1’s potent new six-part drama. Bean claims that his part inherits a sense of lightness, something he hasn’t played for a long time. He claims that he has won over the audience whom he feared can be the harshest critics — the priesthood.

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Before we part, we return to the subject of Bean’s screen deaths. Which of his many memorable characters would he like to see brought back from the dead? He cracks a smile. “I’d like to see Ned Stark, the character I played in Game of Thrones, resurrected. They brought Jon Snow back, so couldn’t they bring Ned Stark back, too? “You should tell the producers that!”

Broken begins at 9 pm on BBC1 on Tuesday 23 May.

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