Family Time With Kapil Sharma first episode highlights: Kapil is back with a bang!

Family Time With Kapil Sharma first episode highlights: With regulars from The Kapil Sharma show like Kiku Sharda, Navjyot Singh Sidhu and Chandan Prabhakar gracing the screen along with Kapil Sharma, it felt like the comedian was never really away from the small screen.

family time with kapil sharma first episode Family Time With Kapil Sharma: Kapil Sharma is back with Sony TV’s show Family Time with Kapil Sharma.

Comedian Kapil Sharma made a dashing comeback to the small screen tonight with his new comedy show titled Family Time with Kapil Sharma. Kapil’s new show on Sony Entertainment Television aired at 8 pm on March 25 and just like The Kapil Sharma Show, this one too is all set to see a number of famous Bollywood personalities promoting their films. The first celebrity guest on the show was actor Ajay Devgn who was there to promote his latest offering Raid.

With regulars from The Kapil Sharma show like Kiku Sharda, Navjyot Singh Sidhu and Chandan Prabhakar gracing the screen along with Kapil Sharma, it felt like the comedian was never really away from the small screen. Even new face Neha Pendse was introduced as the game master for the show. As Kapil himself told us, Family Time with Kapil Sharma is essentially a game show aimed at spreading laughter and getting families together. The show’s format involves families stepping up in a fun face-off against each other and the winner taking home a number of goodies like televisions, washing machines and a bumper prize of a brand new car.

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  1. 10:27PM
    25 Mar, 18
    Exclusive photos from the first episode of Family Time With Kapil Sharma

  2. 10:02PM
    25 Mar, 18
    Kapil Sharma promises to come back with more gifts

    Kapil takes a picture with the winner and his family and then addresses the audience on how much he enjoyed with the audience. He promises to come back soon with some more exciting gifts.

  3. 10:00PM
    25 Mar, 18
    Fan wins a car!

    For the final round, names of all the audience members are put in a bowl and Neha picks one out of them. A young girl is chosen and she has to play 'Jhatpat 5' wherein she will have to answer some rapid fire questions. The girl, a M.Com student, says that she came on the show to win the quiz. She is asked to name five accessories associated with a computer. She could only name four and loses her chance. Another boy is called on stage and he is asked to name five actors, who are not Khans. The second question is to name five things that help us in studying and the final question is to name five services women take in a parlour. He answers all questions right and wins an amazing car.

  4. 9:51PM
    25 Mar, 18
    Ajay bids farewell

    Ajay bids farewell. He and Kapil wish each other an advanced Happy Birthday. Ajay says that he was not here to promote his film as it has already released, but to tell Kapil that he is blessed with a lot of talent, and he should never waste it.

  5. 9:49PM
    25 Mar, 18
    Ajay participates in the games

    Neha and Kiku arrive on stage and say that since this is a game show, they will play some fun games with Ajay. They decide on playing 'Ball transfer' where the two teams will have to pass on maximum balls between two boxes holding it with their back. Ajay says 'maine kya bigada hai' when he knows he is paired with Bumper. They manage to transfer four balls. Chandan and Neha are next and they manage to put only two. Kapil says that they won 5 lakh worth of good wishes

  6. 9:41PM
    25 Mar, 18
    Chandan takes potshots at Kapil

    Chandan is back on stage and he greets Ajay. He reveals to fans that Ajay and Kapil share their birthdays. And while one is a superstar, the other is selling washing machine on this show. He says that while Kapil washes his clothes with his hands, he is gifting washing machines. Kapil finds a love letter in Chandan's pocket. Chandan shows a trick where he can elongate his arms. Navjot Singh Sidhu compliments Kapil saying that he was a genius and will always be.

  7. 9:31PM
    25 Mar, 18
    Kiku brings on the laughs

    Kiku further says that since this is a game show, he will play a game with Ajay. She asks Ajay why three cockroaches died hearing 'Mere Raskhe Qamar'. When the actor couldn't answer, he says because the song was 'Hit'. He further jokes about Deepak Tijori and Ajay can't stop laughing.

  8. 9:30PM
    25 Mar, 18
    Kiku and Neha fight over Ajay

    Ajay and Kapil look tad uncomfortable standing and talking as there is no seating arrangement. The Bollywood star moves around as he laughs at the cast's antics. Kiku makes an entry on 'Sola ka Dola' with few kids dressed as Singham. Kiku and Neha argue about who among them is the biggest fan of Ajay. Kiku asks some funny questions to Neha as a test, and she is left flabbergasted. Embarrassed, she takes a leave from the stage.

  9. 9:25PM
    25 Mar, 18
    Kapil interacts with Ajay

    Kapil interacts with Ajay and asks him whether the government also pays him for paying such strong roles. Neha comes on stage and Kapil introduces her as my 'cousin girlfriend.' Ajay laughs at Kapil's silly jokes and Navjot also takes the chance to make fun of Kapil. Neha further announces that she loves Ajay and his films.

  10. 9:23PM
    25 Mar, 18
    Ajay Devgn is the first celebrity guest of Family Time With Kapil Sharma

    The gates of the gift section get closed and a loud buzzer plays. And then Ajay Devgn makes a grand entry saying that he is here to 'Raid' Kapil’s show. Dressed in a black kurta, the Bollywood star is greeted by Kapil. Kapil touches Ajay’s feet and says that he is his favourite star. He then complains to Ajay that why he didn't get his co-star Ileana D’cruz. Ajay says that since you flirt so much, she didn't want to come. Kapil further jokes that the two had been so much in news. While Ajay released his superhit film, Kapil launched his new show.

  11. 9:20PM
    25 Mar, 18
    Kapil sings on Family Time with Kapil Sharma

    With both teams winning one round each, a tie-breaker is introduced. The red team from Vapi wins a refrigerator, a microwave and a food processor. One among the losing team strums the guitar and Kapil croons 'Sanu ek pal chain'. While he is a comedy star, his impressive vocals can leave people impressed. As it is the first day, Kapil gifts the losing team some goodies.

  12. 9:16PM
    25 Mar, 18
    Kapil flirts with Neha

    When one among the contestant says that 'mujhe chakkar nahi aata' (I don’t get giddy), Kapil says that you can never become a mother. Kapil flirts with Neha and says that all these years I have been working with men dressed as women, and I never knew someone could be so pretty. He says after the 26-episodes season, I will lose weight and impress you so much that you will never go back.

  13. 9:15PM
    25 Mar, 18
    The games continue...

    When Kapil takes a dig at Bumper’s size, she walks off the stage and says that she will soon become the host. Neha comes back on stage and introduces herself as the host, to which Bumper says but she is not her 'dost'. Neha then calls on stage brother duos to participate in the next round of game. It would be a relay round, where they need to dress in a 'kacha' and a 'skirt' after a challenging balancing game. Whoever does it faster, wins the round.

  14. 9:10PM
    25 Mar, 18
    Kiku Sharda enters Family Time with Kapil Sharma

    As Neha leaves saying that someone has come to meet her, Kapil says that it must be my mother to meet her future daughter-in-law. Kiku Sharda as Bumper enters the stage and tells Kapil that she had no job for six months. She tells Navjot that she saw him recently sunbathing in Goa wearing a swimsuit and a tie. She insults Kapil that he is selling off his house goods to make up for his loss. When Kapil says that it's the channel, she says 'tumhare wajah se channel ka samaan bik raha hai' (because of you, the channel is selling off their goods). She further laughs saying that it is shocking that someone like Kapil, who has nothing, is gifting people.

  15. 9:06PM
    25 Mar, 18
    Sawla family wins a TV

    After an ad break, Neha is back and she introduces two other families to play the next game. Titled 'Phod Baby Baby', in this round, one among the couple will be blindfolded and with the help of the other, they will have to burst maximum balloons that's flying in the air. The Sawla family wins. They take home a TV. Kapil says that he is not dayalu (kind hearted) but since he is getting gifts from Sony, he can give a complimentary gift to the losing team.

  16. 8:52PM
    25 Mar, 18
    Kapil Sharma's brain teasers

    Kapil throws the ball again towards the audience, and asks the man who picks it, “aisi kaunsi cheez hai jisse aage se insan ne banaya hai and peeche se insan ne? (What is that one thing that has been created by God from the front and by the human from the back). After a couple of wrong answers, a boy replies 'animal cart' and is given some gifts by Kapil for his smart answer.

  17. 8:50PM
    25 Mar, 18
    Kapil Sharma hands out gifts

    Kapil asks Chandan to throw a ball towards the audience and the one who will catch it will get a prize. He smartly goes towards a pretty girl and hands over the ball to her. Kapil asks her to name a (jiske sar per pair hote hai) bird that has legs on its head. The girl is not able to answer the question. The next guy is smart, and says that every bird has 'sar (head), per (feathers) and pair (legs). He is gifted a phone and a gift hamper. He further mesmerises Kapil and the audience by crooning Kailash Kher's 'Saiyaan'.

  18. 8:46PM
    25 Mar, 18
    Chandan Prabhakar enters Family Time With Kapil Sharma

    Neha and Kapil then introduce the interactive fun activity that one can play on the SonyLIV app that can help viewers to get a picture with Kapil. He once again hails the maha scientist Kapil Sharma. Neha takes leave and in comes Chandan Prabhakar, who looks surprised with fans chanting his name. Kapil questions him why he is here. Kapil remarks that he shouldn’t have come and should have acted a little pricey. Chandan says that is what he was doing for the last seven months. Chandan says that Kapil only has one friend, rest everything is given by Sony TV. The two old friends are back to their old self.

  19. 8:31PM
    25 Mar, 18
    The Walias beat the Sharmas

    The Walia team beat the Sharma family and they are awarded diamond jewellery. The losing contestants then dance on Tamma Tamma. Kapil seems impressed by them but doesn't leave a chance to pull their legs. After knowing that they danced together for the first time, he gifts them a washing machine and a dinner set.

  20. 8:23PM
    25 Mar, 18
    The games on Family Time with Kapil Sharma begin

    Neha invites two families to the stage. They would play the first game. Both the couples look super excited to be on the show. They tell Kapil that they missed him on TV, and the comedy star looks visibly touched by this affection. The first game is 'Tasreef Rakhiye', wherein the families have to burst balloons by sitting on them. The one bursting maximum balloons in a given time would be the winner.

  21. 8:21PM
    25 Mar, 18
    Neha Pendse is the game master

    Neha will be the game master and she gives a glimpse of the prizes one can win. With the way the gate opens on the stage, you are reminded of another game show, 'Khulja Sim Sim'. The bumper prize would be a brand new car.

  22. 8:17PM
    25 Mar, 18
    Neha Pendse enters Family Time with Kapil Sharma

    Kapil calls on stage game masters and looking at the four jokers, he says I don’t want to continue. This is when the new entrant Neha Pendse of May I Come in Madam fame makes an entry. She looks pretty and starts flirting with Kapil and Navjot. Kapil introduces himself saying, “Kapil, naam to nahi suna hoga, 6-7 months se.”

  23. 8:15PM
    25 Mar, 18
    It seems like Kapil was never gone

    Seeing Kapil interact with his audience, you realise that nothing has changed. While people vie to be on the show, he leaves no stone unturned to pull their leg. Kapil further shares that a maha scientist 'Kapil Sharma' has invented a new device to interact with his audience, and asks viewers to download the SonyLIV app.

  24. 8:14PM
    25 Mar, 18
    Kapil Sharma has fun with the audience

    A young kid reveals a fun secret about his family saying his father cooks and mom watches television. Kapil gifts him a goodie basket and a phone. Another audience member faces Kapil's wrath when he says that since his wife is a housewife she stays only in the house.

  25. 8:11PM
    25 Mar, 18
    Kapil Sharma interacts with audience

    Kapil talks to a woman from Indore and asks her if technology has brought the family closer. When she says people have become plastic today, Kapil laughs saying who she has met who squeaks like a toy? He further talks about how in love marriages, initially men like everything and then things change.

  26. 8:09PM
    25 Mar, 18
    Family Time with Kapil Sharma is a game show, says Kapil

    Kapil introduces his show and jokes that there's nothing new in his show. He shares that it is a game show that wants to get together the entire family and spread laughter. A series of jokes follow and Kapil targets the audience once again. He introduces the families present on the stage, who will play the game with him today. “Aajkal ka pyaar gift se bhara hai, girlfriend ko roz fift chaiye (today's love is all about gifting, your girlfriend needs gift every day),” he shares and says if you don't gift your girlfriend, she goes and celebrates kiss day with someone else.

  27. 8:07PM
    25 Mar, 18
    Sidhu's throne is replaced by a sofa

    Kapil Sharma informs Navjot Singh Sidhu that since the budget was less, they have not managed to get his throne. Navjot says that 'a politician can never leave his chair' and gets along his own sofa, and settles down with a sher (poem) on Kapil.

  28. 8:04PM
    25 Mar, 18
    And Kapil Sharma is back...

    The show starts with a group of dancers performing on Swag Se Swagat. Kapil makes a dramatic entry from a gift box. The crowd goes crazy seeing him and chants his name, as he greets them all in his own style. And then, Navjot Singh makes an entry saying his dialogue Oye Guru. The two try to pull each other’s leg.

  29. 7:57PM
    25 Mar, 18
    A bumpy start for Family Time with Kapil Sharma

    Even before the show could launch, Kapil Sharma and his show faced not just one but two controversies. First came after his friend-turned-enemy Sunil Grover tweeted about how he took up another show after waiting for Kapil's call. Kapil replied to Sunil on Twitter calling him a liar and shared how he had called him 100 times but got no response. And then due to a technical snag, the shoot of the show had to be called off and the press launch was rescheduled. This led to tongues wagging that Kapil was back to his old self and canceling shoots. had reported that the reports were false and the issue on sets was a genuine one. Kapil too clarified his stand on Twitter yesterday.

  30. 7:54PM
    25 Mar, 18
    All the best Kapil, says Ali Asgar

    Kapil Sharma's co-star Ali Asgar, who parted ways with him after the mid-air brawl, in a sweet gesture tweeted to Kapil. Left emotional by the message, Kapil Sharma replied, “Thank u ali bhai .. missing u guys .. it’s the same floor where we used to shoot comedy nights.. I only know how I am shooting without u guys .. love u.”

  31. 7:51PM
    25 Mar, 18
    After Kapil Sharma posted on Twitter about the show's launch, a lot of celebs wished the comedian best of luck
  32. 7:44PM
    25 Mar, 18
    Kapil Sharma is all set to spread laughter

    The trumpet is all set to blow, announcing the arrival of Kapil Sharma. The comedy star's comeback show Family Time with Kapil Sharma will premiere today on Sony Entertainment Television. His last rib-tickler The Kapil Sharma Show was unceremoniously put on a break after his ill-health disrupted shooting schedules. But now fit and fine, Kapil is geared up to spread laughter with a new found energy.