Family is looking for a suitable match for me, I hope I am second time lucky: Dalljiet Kaur

Dalljiet Kaur talks about the physical transformation that she underwent, making herself a priority and being ready for love.

Written by Priyanka Sharma | Mumbai | Updated: April 21, 2017 11:38:02 am
Daljeet Kaur, Daljeet Kaur photoshoot, Daljeet Kaur second marriage, Daljeet Kaur shaleen bhanot, Daljeet Kaur son, Despite not working on any show currently, Dalljiet Kaur is not worried about her career as she believes she is strong enough to sustain a career.

“This is my rebirth,” television actor Dalljiet Kaur glows as she opens up about her new confident self. Two years after separation from husband, innumerable moments of self-doubt and a struggle of not just an actor but also a single mother, Dalljiet has bounced back.

A look at her recent photoshoot, and besides the obvious weight loss, one notices how happy and comfortable the actor looks in her skin. “It’s not about physical appearance, it’s about becoming a healthier and happier me, for myself and my son Jaydon,” the 34-year-old actor says.

In a free-wheeling conversation with, Dalljiet talks about the physical transformation that she underwent, making herself a priority and being ready for love. “I decided to pick myself up when I realised I had nothing to lose. I was at my lowest a year ago. When you don’t have anything to lose you become fearless. Neither did I look beautiful because I had put on weight, nor was I financially stable. I didn’t want my son to grow up seeing his mother like that,” she shares.

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It is definitely commendable that she worked hard on her health, but isn’t it sad that she relates beauty with weight?
To the poser, Dalljiet explains that the extra kilos did make her feel bad as dresses of her choice didn’t fit her, but more than that her obsession with fitness is also because she wants her son to look at her as a health-conscious woman. “The extra weight had taken a toll on me. I lived those depressing 30 kilos. I obviously used to feel bad when I used to go shopping with my female friends and the dresses that I wanted to wear didn’t fit me. That was another thing. But it’s not about physical appearance. It’s about self-confidence. It is a vicious circle which gets created with unhealthy decision. Now I am conscious about what I am eating what my son is eating. It is a healthier and happier me. I want my son to see that his mother is into fitness, she has a healthy lifestyle,” the actor says.

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Taking the strings of her life in her hands has done wonders to the actor. Dalljiet, however, recalls how many women told her not to walk out of her marriage for her life as a single female will be a mess. “When I thought of divorce, there were a lot of women who told me, ‘Life of single women is messy, you will be alone, you will be left alone. How could a girl walk out of marriage…’ I used to feel scared. But then I thought that if I don’t believe in myself, the world won’t. I worked on my marriage. It lasted for seven years. So, obviously I worked on it. But when I thought it’s not what I want, I had to leave. People tell me that you have changed and you are much stronger than before. I just know that I am much happier than before. I take time out for myself. I do what I love. I do things for myself and that happiness reflects in my relationship with my son. If you are happy from within, your child is automatically taken care of.”

The actor believes it’s important for women to not lose their individuality after they get married. “If women make themselves their priority, all of their relationships whether with their child or husband or family get sorted. It shouldn’t be thought that if a woman is catering to her own happiness, her family is not her priority. In fact, such women might be doing more because they are happy from within. You should not lose your individuality. I realised that I lost myself because of societal norms. I did everything for my husband, my in-laws and family. And it wasn’t as if I wasn’t happy doing that. I was. I wanted to stop working and just have babies. But now I realise, I had lost myself. It is very important to be independent.”

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Despite not working on any show currently, Dalljiet is not worried about her career as she believes she is strong enough to sustain a career. “Frankly, from within I feel like a man. I feel I am the man of my house. Like men say they can do anything, I feel that about myself. I can take care of my child, run my house… I don’t have any show right now but I am not scared. That’s the confidence I feel right now.”

Finally, is she ready to embrace love again? The actor says she does not feel bitter about love and relationships anymore and is willing to give it another chance, even though the whole singleton concept sounds new to her right now. “Last year I had said that I was scared of love but today I don’t feel the same. I have so many people around me who have love in their hearts for me. I do believe in love. I might be second time lucky. My family has started looking around… I don’t stop them because they are old… They want that by the time Jaydon grows up, he shouldn’t feel absence of a father. My condition is that I don’t want to be someone out of need. I don’t need a man, I am happy by myself so, I just want a happy soul to add to my happiness. That’s it.”

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