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Ex-Bigg Boss contestants pick their Bigg Boss 12 winner

Indianexpress.com caught up with few popular ex-Bigg Boss contestants to know who they feel deserves to win Bigg Boss 12.

bigg boss 12 finale contestants
Ex-Bigg Boss contestants share who they want to see as winners in Bigg Boss 12.

After 105 days, on December 30, Bigg Boss 12 will get its winner. The five finalists Sreesanth, Karanvir Bohra, Deepak Thakur, Romil Choudhary and Dipika Kakar are vying to take home the trophy and cash prize of Rs 50 lakh.

But before the big announcement, indianexpress.com caught up with few popular ex-Bigg Boss contestants to know who they feel deserves to win Bigg Boss 12.

Hiten Tejwani (Season 11):

Frankly speaking, I did not get a chance to watch the show this time. I honestly believe that everyone who is a part of Bigg Boss, is already a winner. But if I have to pick, I think Dipika is a strong contender to take home the trophy. She has played her game with patience, dignity and respect.

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Kamya Punjabi (Season 7):


I want to see Sreesanth winning the trophy. His journey has been quite an interesting one. Through the show, he has shown all his emotions, be it aggression, tears or love. He is such a selfless man that he did not even think twice before nominating himself to save Dipika. That shows he is a good human being with a pure heart. He also maintains his relationship. It takes a lot of courage to open up about your suffering, and that too on national television. I think Sreesanth has already been through a lot and he deserves this victory, as a new start to his happy future.

Arshi Khan (Season 11):

I have only been supporting Sreesanth from day one. And I am sure he will win the title.

Roopal Tyagi (Season 9):

From whatever I have seen of the show, I think Dipika is quite poised and graceful. In a show like Bigg Boss this really gets difficult to do sometimes. So, I would want her to win. Also, I have met her a couple of times and she is as sweet as she has been on the show. And I love people who don’t fake it.

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Sabyasachi Satpathy (Season 11)

For me, there are two winners in the season. From celebs, it would be Sreesanth. Even though he was negatively portrayed in his journey, he is known to fight back. He is also quite popular and understands whatever is happening around him. And in commoners, it should be Romil. I like the way he played the season even when he was sidetracked and emotionally pulled down by many.

Pritam Singh (Season 8):

If you look at the show in entirety, I really feel Sreesanth will win the show. He has had a journey on the show. A lot of people have said they do not connect with Bigg Boss anymore. It is solely because contestants have stopped living the show. All they are worried about is the game, camera and trophy. That has taken away the charm.

Bandgi Kalra (Season 11):

I don’t have a single favourite. But if I have to rank the top five in my preference, it would be Sree, KV, Romil, Deepak and Dipika. For me, it doesn’t really matter who wins. All I can say is may the best one win. But somewhere, I would like Deepak to win. The victory could completely change his life. It could help him grow further in his career and help his family.

Akanksha Sharma (Season 10):

I am really fond of Romil. I think he is apt with his analysis of situations and is playing the game with a good balance of the mind and heart.

Puneesh Sharma (Season 11):

My choice would be Karanvir. He is the perfect combination of a gentleman and rockstar. And I must add, it’s ‘Bigg Boss’ not ‘Bigg Badtameez’. This game is all about control and everyone has lost it sometime or the other, except him. He truly deserves to win the show.

Hosted by Salman Khan, Bigg Boss 12 finale will air on December 30.