Ek Tha Raja Ek Thi Rani 8th September 2016 full episode written update: Rani Maa delays Raja’s plan of telling Rani the truth

Rani Maa plays her own tricks to stop Raja from talking to Rani and her Dadu.

Written by Shreya Mudgal | New Delhi | Published: September 9, 2016 1:29:20 am
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Raja sends Shashi to pick Dadu and bring her to the Mahal. Raja is putting bangles in Rani’s hands when it doesn’t fit so her friends say that it was all a test to check if he’ll ever hurt Rani. Dadu is entering the Mahal when the lights go out. Raja hurts Rani with the bangle by mistake and worries but Rani stops him by saying that she’s alright and trusts him for he’ll never hurt her. Raja tells her that he won’t ever let her get hurt and that she should remember this forever. Dadu walks in and Meenu keeps the candle near her son’s portrait. At the same time, Kaal and Rani Maa are walking to finish everything. Raja prepares to tell Rani the truth when Dadu shouts and everybody walks towards her to see that she fainted. Raja sees the portrait when Rani is worrying how Dadu daunted.

Rani Maa walks in where Dadu is resting and gives her a wrong injection. Raja asks the doctor if its possible for her to wake up and remember her past life. The doctor agrees but tells them not to give her any kind of stress. Raja and Rani stay with Dadu and Rani Maa thinks that she’ll have to stop Raja to talk to Rani now that Dadu is silent for the night.

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Rani Maa tells Dadu to rest and Raja doubts her. Meenu is teasing Raja and Rani for their first night when Rani Maa says that they can’t spend the night till the priest decides a date. Raja denies her order and she sadly goes out. Rani stop her and says that they’ll obey her culture and makes Raja agree to it too. Ambika tells Rani that she won’t sleep alone and comes to sleep with her. Rani throws a note for Raja to tell her to meet late at night but he misses it.

Lovi plans that she’ll create misunderstandings between Raja and Rani and goes to meet him. Rani plans to go meet Raja and talk if they can’t sleep together. Lovi meets Raja and says that she’s here to talk but Raja says that he’s tired. Rani goes to meet Raja and finds that Jeevan is standing there. Lovi tries talking to Raja but he ignores her. Jeevan apologises to Rani and says that its difficult for him to bear that Raja and Rani are together. Lovi tells Raja that she always liked to see him smiling and could do anything for it. She makes him play a game with him. Rani sees that Raja is playing with Lovi and thinks that he’ll come back in the morning.

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