Ek Tha Raja Ek Thi Rani 6th October 2016 full episode written update: Raja is able to stop Rani from signing the papers, and beat Kaal

Raja makes Rani rethink about signing and she agrees, even without a proof as she trusts Raja. Seeing the killer's body, made her realise that something's wrong.

Raja thanks Rani and Rani says that she loves him by kissing him on the forehead.

Rani is about to sign the papers while Raja is rushing back to the Mahal thinking that Rani shouldn’t sign. She’s about to do it when Raja stops her from behind. He goes to Kaal and says that his game is over and Rani asks about his bruise and his statement. Raja says that he wishes he didn’t have Kaal’s blood running in his veins. Kaal says that he’s mistaken this time but Raja replies that he knows the truth. The attack was fake and even the bullet and it was only meant for Rani to sign the papers. Ambika asks what he’s doing and Raja takes the bandage off Kaal’s chest. He thinks that there might be no wound but there is one. Kaal already knew about Raja and he himself smashed a scissor in his chest and designed a wound. Ambika tells Raja that he’s too blinded by the enmity and hatred.

Raja says that this was only a plan and Kaal asks about the fake bullet. He tells them that Bhandari attacked him and took it away. Kaal says that if he wants to stop Rani from running for elections then he can say it clearly. Raja says that his wife is his life partner and not a slave and he’ll always want her to progress. But Kaal wants her to be his puppet and not progress. Kaal says that he shouldn’t stop her and he’s only covering his male ego. Kaal tells Rani that she shouldn’t listen to anybody and not even him. Raja stops Rani and says that he’s only lying. Ambika asks if his wound is also fake and Raja agrees. He hasn’t been able to prove it today but will do it someday. Rani is looking at the papers and Raja stops her. He tells Kaal to stop Rani or he’ll get angry.

Ambika rebukes Raja and raises her hand but Rani stops her. She says that Raja is right and don’t know why but Kaal has planned this. She says that there is no proof but she has seen something which puts a doubt. She tells them about the killer’s accident on the same day and also, how normal he is after the shot at his heart and he already knew about her decision when neither Raja nor Rani had told him. Ambika is tensed but Rani says that her husband can never lie and will respect his decision and asks Ambika to respect this decision. Raja and Rani leave while holding hands.

Raja thanks Rani and Rani says that she loves him by kissing him on the forehead. Raja and Rani think that they can’t live without each other. He sends her to study for the exams.

Kaal finds his glass empty and breaks it. Rani Maa offers him a glass of water. She says that it takes sense more than pain to bear with the loss. He tells her that her help isn’t required. She says that he will have to separate Raja and Rani before planning anything. He says that nobody can stop him from doing this, not even Raja.

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