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Thursday, May 28, 2020

Ek Tha Raja Ek Thi Rani 19th Sep 2016 full episode written update: Rani returns to leave forever and Ambika talks to her

Ambika takes Rani to a room and asks why she wants to leave and Rani tells her everything Raja told her.

Written by Shreya Mudgal | New Delhi | Published: September 19, 2016 10:33:42 pm
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Rani asks why he’s questioning her if she came back while he was the one who’s become distant. He says that all of it doesn’t mean anything, to which Rani says that he kissed someone else in front of her and that hurts her a lot. Raja says that this means nothing because he is a prince and he can keep a number of wives and can enjoy with girls too. He adds that she should be happy that he’s just kissed a girl and not done anything more like his father. Rani regrets believing in him and thinking that she’ll lead a good life with him. She turns to leave and he asks her if she’s leaving him. She says that maybe even this matters no more to him but says that she is only going to give her exam.

Ambika is searching for Raja and Rani when Jeevan comes and takes her blessings. He tells her that they might have gone for the exam. Kaal tells Rani Maa that she’s done the right thing at the wrong time because he’s going to contest the elections which will take place in ten days. He says that Rani leaving the house will give a bad impression about him. She asks why he’s standing in the elections. Kaal says that he cannot let Raja stand for the elections as he’s in a bad state of mind right now. He says that he’ll act selfishly now and won’t care for anybody and tells Rani Maa to undo what she has done.

Rani Maa goes to Ambika and says that she should’ve been a good mother in law and should know that Rani has left the house. Ambika says that she’s only gone for the exam but Rani Maa asks her to go find where she has gone. Rani submits an empty answer sheet in her exam to which her teacher is surprised and Jeevan sees all that.

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Ambika goes to meet Dadu and finds out that Raja and Rani came in the morning. She says that she knows nothing about it but Rani will learn the right things slowly. Dadu asks her if everything’s alright and Ambika says that it is. Raja goes after Rani to take her back when Lovi comes and asks Raja why he left her alone. Lovi tells Rani that marriage changes nothing and Rani also says that even her principles haven’t changed. She won’t live in a place where her principles don’t matter. She leaves and Meenu asks if Lovi did something again. Lovi shuts her up. Jeevan asks Rani about what is wrong with her when Raja tells him to go away.

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Raja apologises to Rani by saying that problems come in every relationship and that she should forget everything. Rani says that she’ll do that and will go and kiss Jeevan and then, he should also forget everything. Raja yells at her and says that you’re mine and he’ll kill Jeevan. Rani says that only a thought scared him so much and she had to see it all. She’ll never forget it and leaves when Raja says that she should think about maa once. She says that she’ll come back home for her.
Raja and Rani enter and Ambika asks where she was all this time. She tells them to go get ready and then have their lunch. Rani apologises from Ambika and says that she’s here to take permission to leave forever now. Ambika takes her to a room and tells Raja to stay outside. Raja waits and Lovi watches him from behind the curtain.

Ambika asks what happened so suddenly and that she shouldn’t hide anything from her. Rani tells her everything that Raja told her. Ambika says that he might have said it out of anger. Rani says that its not just about his words but also about what he did. Rani Maa is content now that Rani is back but Lovi thinks that she won’t let this happen.

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