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Eijaz Khan says he gets ‘triggered’ by watching Bigg Boss: ‘I relive the trauma some times’

Eijaz Khan spoke about reliving the trauma of Bigg Boss, and said that he stays away from the show because it triggers him.

eijaz khan, pavitra puniaEijaz Khan and Pavitra Punia found love in each other during Bigg Boss 14. (Photo: Pavitra/Instagram)

Actor Eijaz Khan said in an interview that he doesn’t regret admitting on national television that he cheated on a former partner. He said that he has apologised to the woman in question, and that he was furious when certain news outlets misidentified her. He also spoke about consciously staying away from Bigg Boss, as watching the show triggers him.

Eijaz told The Times of India that accepting the mistake helped him grow as a person. The actor is currently dating Pavitra Punia, whom he met on the reality show Bigg Boss a couple of years ago.

He had first spoken about his infidelity on Juzz Baat, where he was asked to name his biggest regret. Eijaz said he spoke about it on Bigg Boss because he was ‘living in a fool’s paradise’ and was trying to ‘justify’ his wrongs.

He said he doesn’t regret admitting his mistake ‘because that woman doesn’t belong to the industry’. To make amends, he said he asked for forgiveness, and was granted it.

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Eijaz also revealed that he ‘consciously’ tries to stay away from the world of Bigg Boss at the advise of his therapist, because it is triggering to him. He said that he dreams about his time on the show occasionally, and sometimes, he sees the late Sidharth Shukla in those dreams. “I relive the trauma sometime,” he said, explaining that he tries to stay away from that universe.

He said that he feels he didn’t get closure on the show, as he was forced to bow out abruptly due to prior work commitments. He said that someday, he will be able to relive those memories and watch the show.

First published on: 10-02-2022 at 11:50 IST
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