Deepak Thakur: Did not fake in an attempt to build a good image

Deepak Thakur: Did not fake in an attempt to build a good image

Deepak Thakur shared it was his family's financial condition that made him walk out with Rs 20 lakh.

Deepak Thakur
Deepak Thakur took home Rs 20 lakh.

Bihar boy Deepak Thakur ended his Bigg Boss 12 journey by walking out of the house with Rs 20 lakh. Eventually, Dipika Kakar was announced as the winner by host Salman Khan. Thakur shared it was his family’s financial condition that made him walk out.

“There is a thin line between confidence and over-confidence. While I had faith in me 100 percent, I did not want to risk my chances. I know Dipika and Sreesanth wouldn’t have pressed the buzzer as they already have a lot of money. I have zero bank balance and I had to take my chances. When Salman sir asked us to take a decision, my family’s condition was the only thought on my mind. I am glad I took the decision as otherwise, I would have come back empty-handed from the show,” shared Thakur in an exclusive chat with

Time and again, the singer was tagged as the most irritating and badtameez contestant on the show. Denying the allegations, Deepak Thakur said, “When people tag you with any negative title, it tends to stay with you for long. But the situation in the Bigg Boss house changed every day. Relationships changed and reactions would also be different in various situations. I did not want to fake in an attempt to build a good image. I was genuine on the show and be it any housemate, I have put across my point.”

Thakur entered the show along with his fan Urvashi Vani. The two brought alive the innocence of small town on the show. However, constant fights and disagreements led to them going separate ways. Post her exit, Urvashi even stated that she would not want to meet Deepak again. Giving his side to the story, the young man said, “I am quite disappointed by whatever she spoke about me after the show. We came as a celeb-fan jodi and had a certain respect for each other. But whenever I faced any difficult time, I never found her supporting me. She never took a stand for me or fought for me. All this created a rift between us and before we knew, the misunderstanding grew so much, that we drifted apart. I wish her all the best for her career but I don’t know if we will ever be friends.”


After Urvashi left Deepak Thaur’s side, he found himself attracted to co-contestant Somi Khan. Though the chemistry could not bloom into a romance, people still alleged that it was Deepak’s game plan to be on the show. Opening up about his feelings for Somi, he said, “It was definitely not a strategy. If it was, I would have confided in her in private. On the other hand, all that you guys saw was she shunning me publicly. It was a cute relationship. I do like her but it is one-sided as she only considers me her friend. It was funny when my father realised my feelings but warned me that he will never allow me to get married to her.”

Deepak further shared with us that Karanvir Bohra has told him to compose and croon a song for his upcoming film Hume Tumse Pyaar Kitna. When asked if his bond with most celebs would help him strengthen his place in the industry, Thakur smiled to say, “They will also benefit from it. Since I am on good terms with them, they will also utilise my talent. They also know I will charge them a discounted amount (laughs)”

Lastly, when we asked if Dipika Kakar deserved to win Bigg Boss 12, Deepak Thakur said, “If the audience voted for her, she did deserve to win. I wish her all the best. But I must add that if you look at the journey of every contestant, I truly should have won.”