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Charu Asopa says Rajeev Sen ‘doesn’t come to meet’ daughter Ziana: ‘He hasn’t come even once’

Charu Asopa has claimed that Rajeev Sen has been missing the dates to sign the divorce papers, hence stopping her from attending her sister's wedding.

rajeev sen and charu asopaCharu Asopa and Rajeev Sen got married in 2019. (Photo: Rajeev Sen/Instagram)

Actor Charu Asopa and Rajeev Sen‘s marital troubles don’t seem to end. While Rajeev claimed that his daughter Ziana has been “taken away” from him amid his divorce battle with Charu, the actor has created a new vlog to clarify that she never stopped him from meeting their daughter. In the video, she also said that Rajeev has been missing the dates to sign the divorce papers, hence stopping her from attending her sister’s wedding.

Charu began her vlog by rubbishing the claims made by Rajeev and said he is doing it just to get more views on his own vlogs. She added, “This thing is on papers which were supposed to sign on the 30th, but Rajeev as usual didn’t come. Now he has said he will come on the 5th. Hopefully, woh aa jaye kyunki unki wajah se main ek taarekh ko apni sagi behen ki shaadi mein jaane wali thi lekin mein nahi ja payi. (I hope he comes this time because I cancelled tickets for my sister’s wedding once already).”

Talking about her stopping Rajeev from meeting Ziana, Charu said, “This is on papers, I have told him on messages, I have told him face to face as well, his family knows this too, that it is only mine and Rajeev’s relationship which is broken. Ziana’s relationships are still the same with her father, grandfather, and grandmother. I am not separating Ziana and Rajeev. In fact, if he would take the legal route, he will get the permission to meet Ziana only once or twice a month, but I have told him he can meet her whenever he wishes. He only has to send me a message and inform me.”

Charu also claimed that Rajeev doesn’t even try to meet Ziana and it is not her fault if he doesn’t come to see her. Charu and Rajeev are now living separately. A few weeks ago, Charu had shared a house tour video of her new residence on her YouTube channel. “He is her father and has all the right to meet her but if he doesn’t come to meet her then what I can do about it. It’s been a month since we have shifted. He hasn’t come even once,” she said.

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Charu had previously said that Rajeev was having an affair and maligned her image in public when he accused her of having an affair.

First published on: 03-12-2022 at 12:03 IST
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