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Sunday, June 07, 2020

Breaking Bad: Top 10 moments from one of the greatest TV shows ever

Here are the top ten moments from Breaking Bad that enthralled, delighted, thrilled and even horrified millions of viewers around the world. There is no particular order.

Written by Kshitij Rawat | New Delhi | Updated: January 21, 2018 12:27:27 pm
breaking bad tenth anniversary Breaking Bad’s first episode was first broadcast ten years ago.

It is hard to believe that Vince Gilligan creation Breaking Bad was first broadcast on AMC 10 years ago. It feels as though it is just last year, the whole world was collectively freaking out on the latest depravity Bryan Cranston’s Walter White had cooked up. Breaking Bad was about an overqualified high-school chemistry teacher called Walter White who is diagnosed with inoperable lung cancer.

In response, Walter White breaks bad, which basically means that he turns to crime, specifically cooking up and selling meth, a strong and addictive drug to care for his family after his death. He is assisted by his former student Jesse Pinkman, played by the marvellous Aaron Paul.

The crime-drama, that is now considered as one of the greatest things to grace the small screen, was slow-paced, at least at first, but was never short on drama and epic moments that inspired numerous memes and discussions. Even its spinoff, Better Call Saul, is a better TV show than most of the current stuff. Here are the top ten moments from the show that enthralled, delighted, thrilled and even horrified millions of viewers around the world. There is no particular order.

“Get out of my territory”

There was not a particular moment when Walter White went full dark, but this came close. He realises there is a new cook in town, albeit a messy one, and warns him off instantly to protect his territory. This was the first evidence that he was not that mild-mannered a man we thought he was.

“I am the one who knocks”

Walter White’s wife Skyler wants to go to the police. She thinks Walt is in danger. What she does not know and what the viewer knows is, Walter is not in danger. As he explains, he is the danger.

“Say my name”

When Walter White has gone full drug kingpin, he also becomes too full of himself. He knows he is (in)famous, and would not entertain any punk pretending to be unaware of him.

Hank’s death

One of the saddest moments in the entire show, Hank’s character saw a lovely arc from an outwardly confident to an insecure and vulnerable in the show and it was tragic to see him die like that.

Emilio’s body makes a mess

A very darkly funny and disturbing scene in the first season, Jesse’s carelessness cost the duo dearly many times later, and this was one of the first.

Jane’s death

When you knew Walter White was willing to go to any length to protect his meth business. Killing innocents was not easy for him, but even imagining that he was capable of that broke many a viewer’s heart.

Gus Fring – Two Face

Gus Fring was a great villain. Polite, suave in most situations and a murdering maniac in others, one knew he meant it when he said he would kill Walter’s infant daughter. It was about time Walter White got rid of him. He did that in style.


Jesse Pinkan may have been a messy, careless kid, but as far as morals go, he was far ahead of Walter White. We know that because we saw him trying to cheer up Spooge’s little son by playing peekaboo. This was a truly heartbreaking moment. Jesse might have had many bad qualities, but he who is kind to children is a good man in our books.

Gale’s murder

This was the moment when the bond between Walter White and Jesse Pinkman began to fall apart.

Andrea’s murder

Breaking Bad could be truly dark. One of the primary protagonists is forced to watch as his girlfriend is casually murdered before his eyes, and he can do nothing.

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