Bigg Boss Telugu 2: Sanjana Anne evicted, Nandini Rai walks in

Bigg Boss Telugu 2: Sanjana Anne evicted, Nandini Rai walks in

Bigg Boss Telugu 2: While Sanjana Anne became the first contestant to be eliminated from the second season of Bigg Boss Telugu, Nandini Rai joined the housemates in the Bigg Bos Telugu house.

Bigg Boss Telugu 2
Bigg Boss Telugu 2: Sanjana Anne became the first contestant to be evicted from Bigg Boss Telugu 2.

Sunday’s episode of Bigg Boss Telugu Season Two opened with its host Nani making a grand entry to MCA song “Yevandoi Nani Garu”. After paying a small tribute to his own father, Nani met the contestants inside the house via video link.

Given that it was an elimination episode, the tension was high. While Kaushal, Sanjana Anne and Nutan Naidu were in the danger zone at the end of Saturday’s episode, Nani had revealed that Deepthi Sunaina and Kireeti were saved from the elimination round. Before announcing the eviction, Nani had unfinished business with some housemates. He spoke with five housemates and gave his feedback as he was unable to talk to them in the previous episode due to time constraints.

Nani questioned Ganesh’s way of living inside the house. The host remarked that it was opposite to what he promised before entering the show. He accused Ganesh of avoiding problems and trying to make himself invisible in the house.

He also enquired about Tanish’s smoking habit and his problems with Nutan Naidu. Bhanushree Mehra was asked about her beef with Kireeti. But she denied having any tiff with Kireeti.


Talking to Nutan, Nani asked him why he gave misleading information to his fellow housemates. Nani was referring to Nutan’s claim that he convinced Bigg Boss to release Sanjana from jail. However, Nani begged to differ saying he has a clip to prove Nutan’s misleading statements. The show’s host also opined that viewers were unsure of what to make of Nutan’s character.

Then came Nani’s surprise for the housemates on the occasion of Father’s Day. The contestants were given photos of their fathers, which turned everyone emotional. Nani also asked each contestant to talk about their respective fathers, which made them more sentimental.

Everyone said how much they missed their fathers, while some regretted hurting his or her father in the past.

After thanking the housemates for sharing their stories, Nani asked Nutan to go into the storeroom with his luggage and Sanjana was directed towards the confession room. He told them to bid goodbye to their fellow housemates as one of them was not coming back to the show.

Sanjana became the first contestant to be eliminated from the second season of Bigg Boss Telugu. On stage, she was given an option to speak with the contestants of her choice via video link. She picked Tejaswi and Babu Gogineni. While she asked Tejaswi to treat everyone equally and stop making hurtful comments, she accused Babu of playing double games.

And she dropped the ‘Bigg Bomb’ on Babu too. ‘Bigg Bomb’ is a special power given to the evicted contestant, who can drop it on anyone they like. This week, Babu will have to fetch water for everyone in the house as only he is allowed access to the water filter. Even if housemates ask for water in the middle of the night, he should help them quench their thirst.

Sanjana was also treated to a customary special video which showed memorable moments from her stay in the Bigg Boss house.

Nani then announced that model-actor Nandini Rai will be sent inside the house this week. She was unable to join the show on the season’s opening night due to some injury. Nandini said she has an edge over other housemates, as she has a clear idea about who’s who in terms of character.