Bigg Boss Tamil 3 contestant Sakshi Agarwal: My emotions took over my reality

Bigg Boss Tamil 3 contestant Sakshi Agarwal: My emotions took over my reality

Bigg Boss Tamil 3 contestant Sakshi Agarwal, in a quick chat with, shares her experience of being a part of the reality show.

Bigg Boss Tamil 3 contestant Sakshi Agarwal
Model-turned-actor Sakshi Agarwal stayed in the Bigg Boss Tamil 3 house for 50 days.

Model-turned-actor Sakshi Agarwal can’t wait to go on a holiday. “I stayed in the Bigg Boss house for 50 days and that itself is a big deal. I am lucky to have gained a loyal fan-base that showers so much appreciation and love,” she says. Clearly, Sakshi is in the best phase of her life. “Already, I’m getting plenty of film offers, but I am taking it slow. I am glad I made the right decision of signing up for the game,” she adds.

Excerpts from the interview:

Has your stay in the house changed you as a person?

Of course, I have learned a lot about myself. First of all, I’m super happy that I’m back home. I could see my real self now. In fact, I didn’t even cry the day I was evicted. I cried enough inside the house. After my birthday, I felt like leaving. Repeatedly, I was requesting Kamal sir to send me out.

Honestly, I didn’t know what happened inside. I felt lost. I let my emotions took over my reality and that’s all right. I am a human being. I made mistakes; I learned lessons the hard way and moved on. It took quite a while to realise whatever I was going through was temporary. My friends were equally shocked to see the vulnerable side of me, which they never knew existed.

What was most challenging about the show?


I’m a no-agenda person and I understood that Bigg Boss was a game; though I never had specific strategies to imply. See, I stayed true to myself till the last day and didn’t fake anything. The show broke all layers of me. It was more of a reality check. Once again, it made me understand people aren’t what they are.

You must have missed your family.

I didn’t realise the value of my parents until I stayed away. On the day of eviction, my dad said he was proud of me. Now, I’m closer to him, in particular, than ever before. That’s most important. I’m happy the way my dad responded to Kavin on the sets. He simply slayed it.

Do you still think about Kavin?

I do. My feelings are genuine. But I am not obsessed about him anymore. In front of 60 plus cameras, it was not easy to control my emotions. After all, nobody wants to put up a fake scene knowing their reputation is at stake.

Sakshi Agarwal can’t wait to go on a holiday.

I’m sure you did self-introspect after stepping into the ‘real’ world.

Truth be told, I considered Kavin as a very good friend; but not anymore. A friend would neither intentionally put you down nor harm you. I am not saying I’m perfect. At least, I didn’t play sly games as he did.

Especially, I couldn’t take his drama, in the last three weeks. Once, I even said, ‘Dude, you surprise me with new behaviour of yours every time.’ I thought Kavin would be there for me, no matter what. I think that’s where I went wrong. He could have dealt with the whole situation in a more dignified way. But he didn’t. First, he brainwashed me. Now, it’s Losliya. Can’t Kavin be honest with, at least, one woman? Can’t he be ‘man enough?’

Are you upset with Losliya, too?

Naturally. Losliya wasn’t aware of whatever happened between me and Kavin, it seems. How is it possible? She could say that if she was living in her home and I was living in mine. Being a woman, how can she hurt another woman? But everyone knew what went wrong. Kavin and Losliya kept flirting with each other and wanted to throw me out of the house. Holding hands and walking around at 2 am isn’t friendship, okay?

Also, Losliya doesn’t have a mind of her own and is two-faced. She is being sweet to Cheran anna and nominates him in the secret room. I’m sure he will be disappointed if he gets to know of this. What upsets me more is Losliya’s arrogance and know-it-all attitude.

How was your equation with Cheran?

Cheran anna is the only deserving contestant to win the title. He’s a warm, down-to-earth and sensible person.

What are your thoughts about Tharshan labelling you a ‘user’?

That irked me so much. Before leaving, I warned him about the words he used. That was unfair.

Sakshi Agarwal is getting plenty of film offers post Bigg Boss Tamil 3.

All right. Moving on… what holds for you, otherwise, professionally?

I am a part of Sirai, a web series, under Kutti Padmini Productions; besides a film with GV Prakash, directed by Ezhil. I also have Aayiram Jenmangal and Cinderella lined up for release.


I’d start focusing on films from October; the moment I’m back from the much-needed abroad trip I’m planning for. People in the house drained me emotionally. But I’m thankful to Vijay TV and team Bigg Boss for what I am today. This had made me stronger and undoubtedly, the platform has gotten me an amazing reach I couldn’t get in these six years as an actor.