Bigg Boss 12 Outhouse: Highlights

Bigg Boss 12 Outhouse: Highlights

Bigg Boss fans can use the Voot app to vote for contestants they want to see in Salman Khan's Bigg Boss 12.

Bigg Boss
Bigg Boss Outhouse is currently streaming on Voot.

This year, Colors will allow Bigg Boss fans to choose contestants they want to see in the house. Starting today from 1 pm, viewers can use the Voot app to vote for their favourites from among selected contestants who will be performing tasks to gather votes.

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Shared a source with, “There would be a couple of pairs who will be put in the outhouse of the Bigg Boss 12 house. These contestants would have to perform some tasks every hour, on the basis of which viewers can vote for them. The entire process will happen a day before the premiere on September 15. The ones who will get maximum votes will be welcomed by host Salman Khan into the house.”

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Tension in Bigg Boss Outhouse

Surbhi Rana and Roshmi Banik argue over where to throw the waste. The contestants in the Bigg Boss Outhouse are picking up fights over silly things.

Bigg Boss gives a task

Bigg Boss gives the contestants a task. He asks them to pick the phone and choose a contestant to have a conversation with. The contestant has to justify why the contestant on the other end of the phone doesn’t deserve to be in the Bigg Boss house and also why the caller deserves to be in the house. Surbhi Rana goes first. The contestant says she is better than Mital Joshi. She is brutal in her criticism of Mital.

Fight continues

The arguments between Roshmi Banik and Mital Joshi continue.

Kriti's Bigg Boss game plan

Watch: Mital Joshi on Bigg Boss 12

Watch: Roshmi Banik on Bigg Boss

No love lost between Roshmi and Mital

Roshmi Banik tries to sort our her difference with Mital Joshi. However, she fails.

Kriti on Mital-Roshmi

Kriti Verma says there is lot of improvement in the relationship between Mital Joshi and Roshmi Banik in just one day.

Roshmi on friendship

Roshmi Banik says when there is love, there will be fights.

Surbhi on Kriti

Surbhi Rana says while she and Kriti Verma are very different, they both are brutally honest.

Surbhi and Kriti miss their parents

Ex-Roadies contestants Surbhi Rana and Kriti Verma talk about their parents.

Fight escalates

Friends-turned-foes Mital Joshi and Roshmi Banik's fight escalates.

Bermuda Triangle

Kriti Verma says Mital Joshi and Roshmi Banik's story is like the Bermuda Triangle.

An award for lying

Mital Joshi says Bigg Boss should give Roshmi Banik an award for lying.

What went wrong?

Mital Joshi and Roshmi Banik argue over their versions of the remark about the man who was the reason for their split.

Mital's love life

Surbhi Rana and Kriti Verma ask Mital Joshi about her love life.

Fans to choose Bigg Boss 12 contestants

Bigg Boss divides the girls

Bigg Boss informs Surbhi Rana, Kriti Verma, Mital Joshi and Roshmi Banik that only two of them out of the four will enter Bigg Boss 12. He says that the girls entered as jodis but now they are on their own and each other's competition. Bigg Boss asks Surbhi, Kriti, Mital and Roshmi to win over viewers and prove why they should enter Bigg Boss 12.

Mital's enemies

Mital Joshi says she has three enemies in the Bigg Boss Outhouse.

Mital and Roshmi's past haunts them

Surbhi Rana and Kriti Verma indirectly make fun of Mital Joshi and Roshmi Banik's past.

Surbhi and Kriti sing

Surbhi Rana and Kriti Verma sing Tere Jaisa Yaar Kahan.

Bharti Singh-Haarsh Limbachiyaa not in Bigg Boss 12?

"Bharti and Haarsh were never supposed to enter the show. It was just a gimmick by the channel to create a buzz. We all know that if you can’t make it, you can always fake it. Bharti and Haarsh were asked to play along at the launch. And they were also paid a handsome amount for the same. Initially, the makers were toying with the idea of having them on the premiere night but they could not come to an agreement. As of now, they will not be around Bigg Boss 12 for some time,” a source told

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Salman Khan on Bigg Boss Outhouse

Fast friends

Surbhi Rana and Mital Joshi share a similar background. They open up about their life to each other.

Surbhi is a nautanki, says Roshmi

Roshmi Banik remarks that Surbhi Rana is a nautanki. Roshmi adds that she will not have a good time with Surbhi if the latter enters the Bigg Boss house.

Roshmi keeps talking to herself

Roshmi Banik keeps talking to herself. Kriti Verma asks whether Roshmi is talking on the mobile. Roshmi remarks that Kriti is dumb as Bigg Boss doesn't allow mobiles in the house.

Roshmi keeps an eye on Mital

Roshmi Banik seems jealous that Mital Joshi is getting along well with Surbhi Rana and Kriti Verma.

Roshmi irks Surbhi

Roshmi Banik and Surbhi Rana spar in the Bigg Boss Outhouse.

Mital, Surbhi and Kriti get along well

Mital Joshi, Surbhi Rana and Kriti Verma get along well. Roshmi Banik passes comments on Mital.

Where to watch Bigg Boss Outhouse?

You can watch Bigg Boss Outhouse on the Voot app or website.

Footage queen

Roshmi Banik makes a lengthy appeal. She keeps roaming around the main camera. Mital Joshi, Surbhi Rana and Kriti Verma take potshots at footage queen Roshmi.

Mital's appeal

Mital Joshi says she doesn't react unnecessarily. The make-up artist from Kolkata adds that it was her dream to be in Bigg Boss and requests for support to make her dream come true.

Roshmi's appeal

Roshmi Banik talks about her struggle in life. The businesswoman adds that she will understand everyone's perspective in the Bigg Boss 12 house. Roshmi adds that she is not fake.

Surbhi's appeal

Surbhi Rana from Himachal Pradesh says she believes one should say the truth always. She says, "I won’t do and say anything wrong ever." Surbhi remarks India needs girls like her.

Kriti's appeal

Kriti Verma promises 'entertainment, entertainment, entertainment' if she enters Bigg Boss 12. Kriti adds that she will be straight forward and honest in the Bigg Boss house. She repeats multiple times that she is a GST officer.

Appeal for votes

Bigg Boss asks Mital Joshi, Roshmi Banik, Surbhi Rana and Kriti Verma to appeal for votes.

Mital, Roshmi, Surbhi and Kriti wait for Bigg Boss

Mital Joshi, Roshmi Banik, Surbhi Rana and Kriti Verma wait for instructions from Bigg Boss.

Who is Surbhi Rana?

Surbhi Rana is a dentist by profession.

GST Inspector in the house?

Kriti Verma reveals she is a GST Inspector. 

Ice Breaker

Mital Joshi and Roshmi Banik interact with Surbhi Rana and Kriti Verma in the Bigg Boss Outhouse.

The latest edition of Bigg Boss will once again see a mix of celebrities and commoners. The theme of Bigg Boss 12 is 'vichitra jodis'.