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Wednesday, September 22, 2021
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Bigg Boss OTT Day 2 LIVE UPDATES: Pratik gets into fight with Shamita, Divya and Zeeshan, Neha tells him to not offend people

The first day of Bigg Boss OTT ended on a spicy note as the viewers saw Pratik Sehejpal picking up fights with Divya Agarwal. Akshara Singh said she was unhappy with Moose Jattana's behaviour.

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Updated: August 10, 2021 8:30:14 pm
Zeeshan Khan, Shamita Shetty Bigg BossBigg Boss OTT Day 2: Pratik Sehajpal finds his next target in Zeeshan Khan. (Photo: PR Handout)

The first episode of Karan Johar-hosted Bigg Boss OTT premieres today. And going by the looks of the promos and social media stories of the contestants prior to entering the show, the first episode promises to begin with a bang. Bigg Boss OTT Season 1 features a bevy of familiar names, including the likes of Shamita Shetty, Neha Bhasin, Raqesh Bapat, Zeeshan Khan, Ridhima Pandit, Karan Nath, Urfi Javed, Divya Agarwal, Akshara Singh, Pratik Sehejpal, Nishant Bhatt, Moose Jattana and Millind Gaba.

While Shilpa Shetty’s sister and actor Shamita Shetty already seems to be embroiled in some kind of ‘kitchen fight’ with co-contestant Pratik Sehejpal, Raqesh Bapat is busy playing the role of a mediator. During the launch of the show, Shamita also spoke about the controversy surrounding her brother-in-law Raj Kundra. Kundra was arrested last month for allegedly producing pornographic films and publishing them through mobile applications.

“I am so thankful that I am back on Bigg Boss after 10 years. I have changed a lot since then. Honestly, the offer came long back, and I had already said yes. However, a lot happened recently and I thought I will let go the opportunity. But since I had committed, toh ek baar maine commitment kardi to main kisi aur ki nahi sunti,” Shamita said at the launch.

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20:29 (IST)10 Aug 2021
Neha upset with Pratik, asks him to stop offending people

Neha, who has been seen bonding with Pratik, told him at night that his behaviour from past two days was not appropriate. She told him that he couldn't tolerate criticism and his way of taking a stand for himself was by offending others. Pratik told her, "You have a different way and I have a different method. We have different temperaments."

20:27 (IST)10 Aug 2021
Divya gets to take 25 items from her luggage

Bigg Boss asked housmates to decide on the basis of Divya's performance as the taskmaster if she deserved to get her full luggage back or like other girls just 25 items. While most of the housemates agreed she deserved the whole luggage, Nishant thought it was only fair that she get what other girls got. After a long debate, the housemates decided she deserved 25 items from her suitcase.

20:16 (IST)10 Aug 2021
Zeeshan, Pratik get into a fight

Zeeshan and Pratik got into a huge fight over difference of opinion on house duties.

20:12 (IST)10 Aug 2021
Moose gets her whole stuff back, rest of the girls are in for surprise

With Nishant's win, his connection moose got her stuff back. But seeing other men's performance, Bigg Boss allowed their conenctions to pick 25 items from their luggage.

20:01 (IST)10 Aug 2021
Shamita: Nishant crossed a line with me in the past

Shamita was seen telling Divya that she wasn't getting good vibes from Nishant. She even went to narrate her an incident alleging that Nishant had misbehaved with her during a choreography session. "I had told him to not cross the line with me."

19:48 (IST)10 Aug 2021
Nishant wins the task

The last round was between Nishant and Zeeshan, and Nishant was declared the winner.

19:45 (IST)10 Aug 2021
Karan Nath is out of the task

Karan Nath was the latest contestant to be out of the task. Also, Pratik had to finally accept Divya's decision and leave the task.

19:43 (IST)10 Aug 2021
Divya Aggarwal asks Pratik to be out of the task

Divya Aggarwal, who was the judge of the task, accused Pratik of cheating and tried to disqualify him but he refused to accept her decision.

19:39 (IST)10 Aug 2021
New task alert: Women's connections get into a competition

Bigg Boss gave the women of the house a chance to win back all their stuff that's missing, including clothes, make-up. For this purpose, women's connections had to participate in a task. The first one to get out of the competition was Raqesh Bapat, who is Shamita's connection.

19:37 (IST)10 Aug 2021
Moose apologises to Akshara for making her cry

Moose jattana apologised to Akshara Singh for her behaviour the previous day that made the latter cry. Akshara was seen telling her, 'People, who value you, be nice to them.' She also told Moose to let bygones be bygones.

19:33 (IST)10 Aug 2021
Shamita and Divya have a stand off with Pratik

Shamita Shetty and Divya Aggarwal had a major fight with Pratik over food in the morning. Shamita, who hardly loses her cool, got angry after Pratik said that food was getting wasted. Shamita and Divya are currently handling the kitchen duty. Shamita and Pratik got into a heated argument, where they shouted at each other and the latter even told him that he didn't know how to speak to a woman. When Shamita tried to cool herself, Divya and Pratik continued the fight, where the latter dragged Divya's boyfriend Varun Sood in the fight and used abusive language against him.

19:16 (IST)10 Aug 2021
Pratik and Divya get into heated argument

Pratik Sehajpal and Divya Aggarwal, who have been at loggerheads since the beginning, had a huge argument in the morning over duties. The fight resulted in both of them using foul language for each other.

19:09 (IST)10 Aug 2021
Massive fight between Shamita and Pratik to follow

Today's episode is going to feature a big fight between Shamita Shetty and Pratik Sehajpal.

18:13 (IST)10 Aug 2021
Shamita Shetty annoyed at Akshara Singh, says 'she will take stand for herself'

The argument between Shamita Shetty and Akshara Singh over food escalated and the former was seen criticising about her to friends Divya Aggarwal and Zeeshan Khan. "She went on and on about the same thing. I tried to be polite to her. I tried to calm it down but she didn't listen to me. I will look after you only if you are nice to me. Otherwise, I won't," Shamita said in the kitchen.

17:34 (IST)10 Aug 2021
Sima Taparia in the house!

The Indian Matchmaking star Sima Taparia has just entered the house. But only time will tell if she will be able to mend soured relationships in the house.

14:20 (IST)10 Aug 2021
Akshara Singh decides to not eat food

After fight with Shamita Shetty, Akshara Singh will take a call to not eat food. She says it is her way to 'stand against the wrong.'

14:02 (IST)10 Aug 2021
Akshara and Shamita fight over food!

In the Bigg Boss house, food has always been a matter of concern. But in Bigg Boss OTT, the topic has taken over limelight quite soon. In today's episode, Shamita Shetty and Akshara Singh will be seen getting into a heated argument regarding food. (Photo: PR Handout)

13:08 (IST)10 Aug 2021
Sima Taparia to enter BB house today?
12:11 (IST)10 Aug 2021
Zeeshan protests as Pratik pokes to fight

Zeeshan Khan and Pratik Sehajpal get into a heated argument. Zeeshan says Pratik has provoked him to fight and asks Bigg Boss for justice.

11:00 (IST)10 Aug 2021
Not argumentative by nature: Neha Bhasin

Neha Bhasin is already feeling exhausted by Bigg Boss OTT environment. She says she is not argumentative by nature but people on the show are fighting over and over again on the same matter. She says she chooses her battles wisely and doesn't let everything bother her mental peace.

The top performers of Bigg Boss OTT will get a chance to feature in the highly-anticipated Salman Khan-hosted show Bigg Boss 15.

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