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Monday, August 02, 2021

Bigg Boss 11 October 10 written updates: Hina Khan questions Vikas Gupta’s sexuality, regrets supporting him

Missed last night's episode? Read all the highlights from the ninth episode of Indian television's most controversial reality show Bigg Boss 11 aired on Colors.

Written by Arushi Jain | New Delhi |
Updated: October 11, 2017 6:12:29 am
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The ninth episode of Bigg Boss 11 brought loads of fun to our screens. From a luxury budget task titled Raja-Rani where Hiten Tejwani picked the cards between Shilpa Shinde and Arshi Khan to some broken friendships between Hina Khan and Vikas Gupta, this Bigg Boss episode had it all. While the queens were battling it out to become the captain of the house by winning the king’s attention, long-lost friends Hina and Vikas were getting into a war of words.

Vikas brought up the situation wherein Hina initially stood up for Zubair Khan but post Salman Khan’s comments, changed and commented that Zubair was the bad apple of the lot. A visibly emotional Vikas also got into an argument with Puneesh, by suggesting that Puneesh is living off his father’s wealth and does not have an identity of his own. In turn, Puneesh called Vikas a ‘fraud.’ To know more, read all the highlights from the ninth episode of Bigg Boss 11: 

11:27 pm: In the precap, Sapna attacks Arshi as she calls her ‘Naachne Vaali’. The housemates gang up against Arshi Khan this time. Padosi Mehjabi also gets into a war with Arshi.

11:26 pm: As the day progresses, Bandgi Kalra and Puneesh Sharma steal some private time to be with each other. The two are holding hands. Puneesh even tells Bandgi that everyone in the house hates him and are instigating her against him. Puneesh kisses Bandgi’s hands while talking.

11:18 pm: Arshi Khan and Shilpa Shinde discuss how well they have performed the secret task given to them and call their fellow contestants chameleons who can change their colour every moment.

11:17 pm: In the night, Bigg Boss announces the end of the luxury budget task. The moment Bigg Boss makes the announcement, Sapna in a fist of anger, wants to vent it out on Arshi for her indecent behaviour. But Hiten calms her down by saying it was his strategy to show that his subjects listen to him.

11:15 pm: Sapna hugs Sshivani and cries as she feels disheartened on the kind of things she is being made to do in the Bigg Boss 11 house.

11:14 pm: Hiten once again tries to persuade Sapna to give Arshi’s legs a massage but Sapna again retorts and asks if Arshi has seen her face. She doesn’t have this face. Sapna cries and says she is made to do things she never did in her life. She finally gives Arshi a massage.

11:12 pm: Shilpa tries to boss around her fellow contestants while performing the luxury budget task. She orders them to perform the household chores. All the contestants feel Arshi is a better Queen.

11:11 pm: Sapna says both Arshi and Shilpa don’t even deserve to be bus conductors but unfortunately have been made Queens.

11:10 pm: Sapna Choudhary takes the task personally when she is asked to massage Arshi’s legs. She walks away by saying that she won’t do this to a woman like Arshi.

11:09 pm: Akash and other contestants wants the Queens to kiss the king but King Hiten is against it.

11:09 pm: King Hiten tells his two queens, Arshi and Shilpa that they never tried to woo him.

11:08 pm: Hina gets hurt while performing the task and her finger starts bleeding.

11:07 pm: Both the teams, team Arshi and team Shilpa start building their respective walls while the opponent try their best to break the wall of their rivals.

11:05 pm: Shilpa wants to sit on Hiten’s right side. King Hiten says she is already on the right side.

10:56 pm: Bigg Boss calls Shilpa and Arshi in the confession room and tells them that Shilpa has to play a good Queen and Arshi has to be the bad Queen without revealing it to the contestants.

10:55 pm: Bigg Boss announces the luxury budget task. The contestants are given a royal task, ‘Raja Rani’ where Hiten is a King; Shilpa and Arshi are his two Queens, and rest of the contestants are his royal subjects. While Shilpa and Arshi battle it out to woo Hiten, he has to decide who makes for a better queen. The Queen to win his attention will also be the captain of the house.

10:54 pm: Playing her game well, Mehjabi tells Sapna how Luv is fooling around with girls here while she wants to get him married to the girl of his choice. All this is a part of the task given to the padosis.

10:53 pm: Vikas comes back in the house and Arshi sings a song. Hiten tells Vikas he is running away from the situation.

10:52 pm: Vikas tries to narrate his side of the story to Bigg Boss and says everyone has ganged up against him not even allowing him to cry in peace. He calls all the contestants ill-mannered.

10:51 pm: In his frustration, Vikas breaks the mic and leaves the house even when he is not allowed to. Bigg Boss summons him to the confession room.

10:50 pm: While crying, Vikas tells Shilpa he never asked her to quit the said TV show. It was she who left it.

10:49 pm: Vikas says Hina is just a good daughter-in-law on television. He breaks down as he says all the contestants have stooped down to dirty levels.

10:48 pm: Vikas goes in the washroom and vents out all the frustration by crying his heart out. Grabbing the opportunity, Shilpa comments how Vikas has spoilt her life as well and made her cry for a complete year. Shilpa says that he deserves this.

10:47 pm: Everyone in the house starts to lose their temper. Puneesh and Vikas now start talking ill about each other’s personal life. Vikas says Puneesh is living off his father’s money.

10:46 pm: Sshivani also loses her cool with Vikas. She says that they have been portrayed in a bad light because of Vikas.

10:45 pm: Vikas retorts and tells Hina that she is a manipulator who changes her stand according to her convenience.

10:44 pm: Vikas Gupta and Hina Khan get into a heated argument over Vikas’s sexuality. Hina says Priyank told her that Vikas is bi-sexual. The argument reaches a level where Hina tells Vikas that she regrets supporting him from day one of the show.

10:42 pm: Arshi Khan raises a doubt about the Padosis as she discusses with Hiten and Shilpa that the daughter and the mother of the Padosis’ story share no similarities. They have no similar traits which can prove that they belong to the same family.

10:41 pm: Seeing Lucinda, Sapna Choudhary tries to find out how foreigners give birth to babies with the same skin tone. She says in India babies have all kinds of colours.

10:39 pm: The ninth day in the house begins with all the contestants grooving to the song the song “Love you Raja” happily.

10:38 pm: Puneesh and Akash discuss how the Padosis’ story sounds intense and full of action and drama.

10:37 pm: Sshivani tells Akash he should not get involved with anyone so early in the game. She tells him it is time to just listen to people and not take sides.

10:36 pm: Vikas advises Mehjabi how to distribute her property and claim her rights on the property of her late father.

10:33 pm: To add to her story, Mehjabi sheds crocodile tears as she narrates her life story and her struggles to Sshivani and Benafsha.

10:30 pm:  The episode begins with Sshivani Durga and Mehjabi in a conversation where Mehjabi tries to convince her about the story of Padosis belonging to the same family. Lucinda and Luv are trying to do the same with other contestants.

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